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To bolt or not to bolt?

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  • To bolt or not to bolt?

    ok I got my mill drill bolted to the stand and was getting it leveled when I noticed that the stand was tapped for a bolt. I was going to bolt it down to the floor or should I use those rubber feet that bolt to the stand?

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    If the stand is stable, I see no reason to bolt down most equipment. Nothing of mine is bolted down, most uses leveling feet because the floor in basement is tilted slightly towards the floor drains (drill press doesn't use feet, there are wedges))

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      The stand has tapped holes to install levelers. That's feet with a screw thread that allow the stane to be leveled on an uneven floor. Look at the bottom of your washer and dryer. I installed regular bolts in the holes, with nuts for locking the adjustment.

      A machine on an uneven floor can be leveled for the position it's in but if it is moved, sometimes even a fraction of an inch, it will set on different areas and loose that "level". A heavy mill will likely stay put. I set mine in place years ago and it hasn't moved a bit.

      On the other hand, the table my lathe (SB9) is on was easily moved about so I tied it to the wall to keep it in place. I set up a radial arm saw some years ago and had fits trying to set it up. Nothing would stay set where I put it. I did the setup procedure three times and still no go. I then noticed that every time I moved it to get to the next adjustment bolt, the previous step(s) were changed. I bolted it to a single spot on the floor and the adjustments worked perfectly the first time. I strongly suspect that that is why many people do not like this style of saw. Mine has worked flawlessly for over 6 years now. Still as accurate as ever.

      On your mill, add leveling screws to the base and see if it will move when you push it hard. Remember it will vibrate in use and that will make movement easier. If so, use some other means of holding in a single position. In any case, use the leveling screws to level it.

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      Paul A.

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        I bolted a cross bar(2) of 4x4 steel tubing to those holes in my enco mill drill stand and then put some large bolts head down from the bottom into the tubing. Raised the table about 5", tightened up the stand and made leveling easy. The added height at the mill table is nice.


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          I think what i'm going to do is take four bolts and us them to level the machine and then take a piece of angle stock and weld it to the side and then bolt it to the floor.