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OT- Better to be fired or to quit?

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  • OT- Better to be fired or to quit?

    Well my new job is at Wal-mart. It is the first retail job I have ever had, and will be the last.
    IT is simply amazing, all my coworkers are very nice people, all of my managers are nice and good people, except for one, who shares my same name.
    Bill the Nazi who is there for night time stocking is an ego maniac bastard. I'm debating wheter or not to tell hime to remove the stick out of his ass and get fired, or to just go in and quit. I dont take **** from no one, even if it means digging my own grave.
    I'm not a wellfare moocher, collecting unemployment appears shameful to me. Im also going to write a letter to the president of wal-mart, and everyone along the chain, probably 15 letters in total. This nazi basically turns the work environment into a hostile one, and must have a strong role in the stores Turn over rate, which is 104.6% YTD.

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    I guess you won't be using him as a reference...
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      Well, I have to make a decision within next couple of hourse, with or without advice.


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        I would go to the store mgr and tell them whats up. By telling the store MGR as to why you are quiting and the actions you are taking after you quit might have a profound effect on the Bill the Nazi. And that effect could be very negative. Him losing his job or being demoted could potentially be much more satisfying than telling the guy off.

        Never burn a bridge unless your mother in law is on it.

        My $.02


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          It depends...

          First thing you want to remember is that it is easier to find the next job while still holding the first one.

          Second, if the turnover is as high as you say it is and it is because of this guy...he will soon be gone himself.

          Third and take this as constructive advice, lose the attitude. Working in a retail environment means you need to deal with the public and as you are finding out, some of the people you will need to deal with are #1 jerks and always will be. I have seen many people used to calling the shots fail once they are required to play well together with others. Remember the lessons we learned in the sandbox...well, they still apply.

          Fourth and probably most important, no job is worth killing yourself over it. I know far too many people who are dying a slow death working at a job that while it pays well is stressful as hell. I for one was a person who could put up with anything but with experience I have to admit there is a time and place to admit that it is time to move on to greener pastures.

          Good luck with your situation.



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            I'd not jump unless I had somewhere to jump.

            I worked at a Sewage plant for about a year and half for a guy I had "happy dreams" about choking to death.
            Nasty job, mean boss, hard times. (late 70s)

            Things like this toughen you for the future. I'd find something to replace the crappy job before quitting, then you will feel much better.



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              As a person who has given up, and lost a few jobs in his 46 years, and has had nazi jerks drive me crazy. I say this,see if any one else feels the way you do about him an if so are willing to sign a "petition"to get him to "cool his jets"(get off your ass).

              And It is always better to not need a job before looking for another.and not to put QUIT DUE TO SOME JERK,in the reason for leaving collumn.


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                It's better to quit, than be fired. Believe me. I worked in a shop where the plant manager and I didn't see eye to eye on anything.

                He started after I did on the recommendation of another employee. Within 2 months he had hired my replacement...Within a year the guy who had recommended him was fired by him. He was constantly telling upper management that we were all screwing around on the job, but our numbers were always above quota by at least 20%. He fired the assembly leader for "assault" on the janitor. The janitor said there was no "assault" on him...

                He trumped up a sexual harrassment charge against me. He and HR accused me of grabbing some young woman's rear end. I shot back that she was wearing white pants and my hands were coated in grease and iron. I asked where the handprint was...It was the same day that I was accused that the alleged incident happened. He also brought up some other ridiculous charges. I was told to go home and to call in the next morning. They couldn't even tell me to my face....Then, I tried to get unemployment and that was denied. I had to have a hearing with the Unemployment Commission over the phone. By this time I had hired a lawyer and had another job lined up paying $3.00 more an hour. The State called the company first and were told that I was "downsized". They called me, but it was my first day at the new job so my wife told them that there was going to no interview and to call my lawyer. She was told that I was eligible to collect. I never did.

                Be careful going to the store manager. He or she could be in cahoots with Nazi Bill. Find another job before you quit. I know you have expenses....

                Good luck.

                Andy Pullen
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                  <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by BillH:
                  ...I dont take **** from no one, even if it means digging my own grave....
                  If you quit sounds like he'll have accomplished exactly what he wanted. Remember, this job is a means to something else for you - it's probably a life time job for him. Just ignore him and do the very best you can at the job.


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                    I should mention that I am also a full time college student, so it is as if I had 2 jobs. Thanks guys, I will go in with no attitude.
                    Walmart has an open door policy where you cannot be punished for criticizing the company or other employees. Ofcourse that is probably just more propaganda. This time next year I will have my 4 year degree, and greener pastures to explore.


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                      Having read some of your posts. I think that it would be good for
                      you to try to keep that job if you can. If you can’t make it at Wal-mart.

                      Lighten up
                      Have Fun
                      Be Safe

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                        Bill H,

                        I hear you. As a manager of 60 people, i have several supervisors under me, they and i do not all get along. This is what i would like from an employee who worked for me who is in your position

                        1) talk to the supervisor or the person's direct superior, as well as yours if not the same. You might both be good employees. Maybe diferent scheduling is all that is needed. Not everyone gets along.

                        2) review everything from a 3rd party point of view. We all have our own bias'. Some times it is truly the person complaining who is causing the touble. This is not a shot at you, just a "Put yourself in their shoes!" point of view

                        3) If you are not enjoying your job, and/or you don't see things getting better then move on. Find another job and give the proper notice. Leave the right way. I have had several employees leave, without a proper notice and boy, did that realy tick me off. The world has a way of balancing itself out.

                        I am not saying i am the best manager. I try to be honest and understanding. Alot of times you have to understand the company's demands before that of the employee's. If the company does not make money then neither of you will have a job.

                        Good luck.



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                          Bill, probably a bit late by now - but placed in your situation I would go to the sen manager and explain to them what is going on. Chances are they already know that this staff member is an issue and may have an end in site, your coming forward will just add weight to their argument. And, if they decide to be a prick about it then just quit, you haven't really lost anything as thats what your intention was anyway.

                          I got asked to leave (nicely!!) a job I was in once (mostly because I spoke my mind to the boss and called him a 'slimy snake c..... - let's not go there...) and it has had zero effect on my being able to get a job now. I don't even put that job on my resume as it is completely unrelated to the field I am in now, and you write your resume to suit the job you are applying for.

                          Your actions may make some other Walmart 'lifers' day that much better by speaking up.


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                            Turn the table on him. Keep your nose clean, do your job, and find creative ways to be a burr under this guy's saddle. Once you find out which buttons to push, you can actually start having some fun with the little weasel. I, for one, look forward to your reports .


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                              never jump without a chute...............