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opinions on Lautards Tinker T&C Jig

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  • opinions on Lautards Tinker T&C Jig

    I am considering getting one of Guy's set of plans and castings for his Tinker grinding jig.
    Questions: Are the castings worth while?, I think he says you need MT#3 collets. Where do you get them, or can it be adapted to R8 collets?. I plan to use it to sharpen lathe bits. Does it do this well or is there a better way, other than freehand? I would also use it for end mill cutters, but that isn't as critical as I currently do then in the mill using a swivel vice and a 5C spin index elevated 5 deg. This works well for me but I do worry some about the grinding dust.
    All coments welcome and thanks, Buzzer John

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    If you're just interested in lathe toolbits, take a look at an article I did for the Jul/Aug 2003 issue of HSM. It describes a simple setup for a bench grinder that lets you get repeatable angles fairly easily. (Not my original idea -- I've seen it in a couple of other places.)

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