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  • making my small shop pay

    Hello all, I was reading some past topics on starting a business and can't belive how helpful alot of you seem to be. Untill now I've been afraid to ask business oriented questions on this board; but I guess I'll go for it.. Every shop I've worked in, I've let the owner know I'm interested in running my own shop one day...some of them scoffed, a few of them were thilled. The last guy I worked for even let me in on the ugly stuff to see if I could handle pressure (ya know, customer screaming over the phone for a part, or scrap that got past the inspector) I spent hours after work with the guys learning tricks on how to bid, but never thought to ask how to get the chance to bid on jobs in the first place! I dont know much about biz, but I know that failing to plan is planning to fail. So although intimidating, starting up does'nt seem overly difficult just watch your step-every step. But when it comes to getting jobs.. WHOA! Sorry for rambling, I just figure you guys know stuff that people in other industries can't even imagine.

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    Eddie, my CPA says business ownership & natural childbirth are both overrated! Ask yourself what it is that you can do better, faster, etc, than your competitors. Maybe other shops have 3-4 week lead times, $50 minimun, don't offer pickup & delivery, don't work nights or weekends. Take advantage of these openings to get in the door & prove yourself. (Note that I didn't say cheaper/lowest price).

    You'll have to figure out how/where to get business. None of the traditional stuff worked for me (yellow pages, newspaper ads, etc.) Now, anytime I'm caught up in the shop I go out and see potential new customers & ask if they're completely happy with their current shop. You'll find a bunch of business this way, and the cost is low.

    Just remember that paid vacations, sick leave, matching 401-k, and all the rest belong to the folks with "real jobs". GOOD LUCK!!!

    Barry Milton

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    Barry Milton