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Advice needed: Colchester gearhead flush-out

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  • Advice needed: Colchester gearhead flush-out

    I have drained the headstock. It doesn't look as if it has ever been drained and flushed in its life. The oil is discoloured and there is some residual gunk sitting at the bottom. What should I use to spray and flush the headstock gears and cavity?? I plan to temperarily block the spindle bearings oil holes and wash out with kerosine? followed by a couple of flushes of fresh hydraulic oil. Am I on the right track??

    cheers all, Ken

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    Hi what I did with my smart and brown headstock ...
    Was too vacuum it out with a half inch dimetre rubber tube attached to a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.
    If it's anything like mine you should have half inch of sump there ......the oil overflows and returns to the bottom dont want your kerosene etc carrying with it all the crap from your headstock down into the lower gearbox.
    what I did was to carefully wash the gears and sides and floor of the headstock with kerosene ...but only enough at once to fill it up to the half inch sump height....then vacuum away the residue each time.
    did this two or three times over until all was clean.
    Then I poured lots of kero into it ....and let it flow down to the bottom box ..I then drained the bottom box a few times. after repearting the above.
    The bottom box has clutch plates in mine it was inportent to then over fill the bottom box to get the plates nice and oilly and the gears well lubed.....I then drained to the correct leval again.
    and hand oiled all the gears in the headstock......cleaned the oil filter.....
    then I ran it continuously for two hours changing gears ..backward forward etc......
    then drained the oil again and put another fresh lot of oil in there.
    hope this helps.
    All the best..mark


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      I've just sent you the colchester student roundhead manual
      all the best..mark


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        Good advice Mark.I am off to borrow the brother in laws wet/dry
        Caution is the word and I shall practice it as well. My lathe has the matrix clutch and is outboard of the input shaft so it wont be a problem there.
        I have received the manual and thanks .

        cheers, Ken


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          ok great
          ps...I tie-rapped a bit of stiff wire to the outside of the tube that I could bend the wire with the tube and manipulate it into the hard to get at places.
          all the best..mark


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            I usually drain head and vacuum rags wipe up and to flush out I have always used ATF(auto tranny fluid) then i run er and flush that out again later on. Fill with your favorite fluid and yer dun.


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              Cheers Madman, the ATF would be cheaper as a flusher but maybe it isn't compatable with the hydraulic oils or the seals...I'll look into it.
              Can anyone tell me how to safely remove the MK2 Student h/stock oil sight glass? This one is dirty, I can live with it but I would prefer if it was clean.

              cheers, Ken