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  • Lathe & Milling Machine Lubrication

    Hi Guy's Would value the opinions of the learned people who visit here on whether or not that regular Hydraulic Oil is a better Lubricating Medium for the ways on the Lathe & the Table & Head Slides on the Milling Machine????

    A very respected Machinists insists that the Hydraulic Oil will provide adequate lubrication with out the stickness & Swarf& Shavings holding problems that can be
    introduced with the use of Regular Way Oil or Chainsaw Bar Oil that I have been using

    Best Regards. Jack Erskine.

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    Why do you think hydraulic oil would be better than way oil, which is specifically formulated for the application you're talking about?

    I find it interesting that so many of us (me included, at times) seem to spend such an inordinate amount of time trying to come up with substitues for the correct machine lubricants.
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      30 weight non-detergent motor oil works well. Clings great, costs $1/quart.
      Barry Milton