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OT: Bad day at the beach

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  • OT: Bad day at the beach

    Nothing to do with machining but pretty amazing. Unfortunately this is a big download not practical on dialup.

    What to watch out for when playing with kites...
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    Thermal from hell. Man, wish I had one of my R/C gliders there.


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      I emailed this to all my friends -- they loved it!!
      Barry Milton


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        I hope no one died while trying to have a little fun.


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          It's pretty amazing to get caught in an updraft like that. Kites nowadays are so efficient they can almost go 90 degrees up, right over your head, while still generating a lot of lift. I've been flying stunt kites on and off since the 80's, and only in the last 8 years or so has the power version of it gotten really mainstream.
          I always thought that someday I'd see some idiot tether himself to the ground and unwind that set of lines to get in the air. Never thought I'd see heights like this without a tether. I wonder if somone actually _tried_ to fly like this, they'd probably do better with shorter lines, less dynamics of swinging around to deal with.
          I usually fly the super fast 4 line trick kite, which doesn't generate much pull. A few guys at the local field have the 3-6 square meter 4-line power kites, and those things give you a good workout. Once you approach enough sail that your weight is insignificant, the slightest change in wind will lift you off the ground.


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            I have several stunt kites too. I have one little graphite spar kite only about three feet that can be flown in high winds and a seven footer for lighter air. That one I can get some air time with. I also have one of the very first 4 line kites, a double diamond kite with the two diamonds pivoted at the tips where they meet in the middle. That is a finesse kite, I can tap someone on the head with it. It will fly to 90 degrees to either side or nearly straight up. No good for high speed though.

            The most fun I have had was one evening at Beachside on the Oregon coast when my son an I flew formation stunts with light sticks on the kite wingtips. We collected quite a crowd while the wind lasted.
            Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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              in germany last year I was at the wasserkupper (sp?)- big big hill with glider launching facility. there was a guy with a small parasail-kite. and like a offroad skateboard with bindings. the sail drug him all across the hill. sometimes he'd head for a bump and let the kite launch him maybe 15 feet up and 40 feet out. looked fun.


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                That's a huge kite he was riding. His kite is much bigger than most of our high performance ram-air sport parachutes. My skydiving rig is only around 100 sq/ft. My wing loading under my ~100 sq/ft ram-air parachute is around 1.75 lbs per sq/ft.