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EMC cnc has come of age, it now works

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  • EMC cnc has come of age, it now works

    Now it works, I downloaded image BDI-Live_rc37.iso last night about 2am. Burned it to disc as I went to bed.

    It has cad, it has word editors, it has C++ programming modules, has cd burning tools, it grabbed the numbers outa my cable modem and still running. It uses a KDE graphical interface like Windows.

    Running on a Morphix version on a single Cdrom.

    I don't know if Sherline had anything to do with the much improved cnc version but I am grateful.

    I'd value this software bundle at $350, but it's free to download. "I am burning some extra discs".

    You don't have to replace your os or your software to try it, it boots off the cdrom. You do however have to modify the configuration to match your machine. Or if you are building, just rewire to match the existing "bridgeportio" like I did recently.

    I'm pretty happy, just wanted to share with my friends.


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    I recieved my Linux CNC Brain Dead Install Cd the other day. Can not get it to load. Well it installs - actually never quits, no prompt just a gray screen with red arrow that moves with the mouse. And the disc drive runs and runs 7 hrs and counting, any ideas ?


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      I bet you got a video conflict. Jus betting thou.

      Not had that problem. I guess you have referred to the manual?

      There are a lot more experienced people on the cadcamdro group at yahoo.

      The "Canadian" expert will email you back in a day or two too.. Now.. what was his name.. Sorry, I am having one of them days.



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        Hmm, I think im going to add a removeable HD rack for my tower, have 1 HD for linux, other for XP.


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          Worked on the fourth computer I tried, guess there must be a conflict. Sherline must be hitting it hard, got a good screen setup, I'm going to try to use their "A" axis to run my rotary head.
          Hope your staying off the roof. At this point in life I quit putting my 300 pds over the top of a ladder. Bad enough getting over the saddle bags on the bike.
          BTW the yahoo group talks a little over my head. Still alot to learn.