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Help with a shaft seal, rebuilding my die filer

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  • Help with a shaft seal, rebuilding my die filer

    Hey folks, I am rebuilding my Keller die filing machine and I need to replace some parts. They used standard 5/8" bronze bushings throughout so those were easy to find.

    What i'm having trouble with are the oil seals on the shafts. They look sort of like bearings from the outside except they have a red rubber seal running on the shaft. They are stamped with "Trostel" and the number "116-40-6". I can't find any reference to that part number on the web. The ID of the seal is 5/8" and the OD is about 1.225". If anyone knows how I can locate 2 new seals like these i'd like to hear from them.

    Thanks very much,
    Jamie Harris

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    I don't know if Trostel is still in business, you might look for CR.

    Any bearing supply house can provide a seal, given those dimensions plus the thickness.
    Jim H.


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        This may help:
        Barry Milton


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          Old post, but I'm in the process of rebuilding the same model die filer. Did anyone come up with a replacement seal?