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  • Scam or mistake?

    I was watching a lathe a lathe on ebay because it is the same model as my CNC that I am rebuilding. I even put in a token bid for $1001, knowing that I would be outbid. It is all stripped of its original electronics, guards, and accessories, but fitted with a new Ajax control and spindle drive inverter.

    The cool part is that it went for $7800. That makes me feel justified for putting money into mine.

    The weird part is that I got a second chance offer on it. There were 29 bids after mine from 9 different bidders. Even if the winner backed out the seller would not have had time to contact the other 8 bidders ahead of me. I can only assume it is a mistake since the seller has 100% pos feedback.
    Super Dave

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    It is a total scam. There are many ebay bidders getting that same scam handed to them lately, and all they are trying to do is con you out of either your paypal pwd, account #, etc.
    Don't fall for it. I was told there is a large group over in China now scamming US Ebay users and in many cases succeeding.

    Hope that helps.


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      I have saw items "pumped up to sell" Even if it don't actually sell it sets a precent for future sales.

      the seller will sell the item at a much higher price if "past history" showes it to sell for a high price. Buyer who researches past auctions estimates price from that.

      NOW, how do they make money off that? I don't have a clue. Ebay makes money.

      Kwik switch collets are the one item I noticed that happening to. Pump the price up.



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        There's no way I would have bitten on that offer.

        I just realized that it probably was not sent by the seller via ebay but rather a totally scam email.
        Super Dave


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          It is a scam from other than the seller. Forward it to [email protected].

          Jim H.


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            E BAYS EVIL


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              Most likely a Scam. The best way to protect yourself from being entangled with things like this when selling a item is to make it a Private Auction. By selecting this option when listing it... none of the bidding ID info is available to scammers. Just a thought.

              Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                Email the seller! Ask HIM if he made the 2nd chance offer. (He most likely didn't)

                P.S. Ebay isn't evil, evil people who try to rip you off are evil!
                Ed Pacenka


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                  I dont like private auctions...they are too easily shilled, and you can't research a sellers past history to see if it's always the same bidder running up the prices.

                  but then i dont bid til the last five minutes anyway



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                    Report it to E-bay as JCHannum has noted,
                    I received the same 'second chance' offer from 3 difference e-mail entities. E-bay acted immediately after I reported and took action against those that they could.


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                      His store looks real & it's all CNC:

                      Barry Milton


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                        I have received several second chance invitations. One the guy had more than one item, and was letting me have it at the selling price.
                        The second may have had some shill bidding on it, and I politely told the seller that I would pay my highest bid, before the winner entered the picture. That wasn't my final bid amount, but less since it would have remained less had the "winner" not chimed in. The seller accepted it, and I went and picked it up. No problems with it at all
                        Another was an item that I really didn't need, but should have bought. Seller was willing to accept my high bid on a reserve auction. I declined, but only because my wife threatened me if I bought anything else on ebay. (Or anywhere else!)
                        David from jax

                        Have gun, will travel.
                        A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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                          Wife told me she'd leave me & take the dog if I bought one more *(%#@ thing on eBay.

                          Gonna miss that dog.
                          Barry Milton


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                            Oh yea, Golden. He started out doing strange stuff. I'm not sure if I'd bid on his stuff. Isn't GM one of the "Watch out for" dealers?

                            Do a search on this and the other board. I think the name comes up a lot.


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                              I've seen so much used up stuff go for new price on ebay that I don't play any more. When I saw a 50 year old following rest for my Rockwell lathe go for almost $300 I knew ebay is nuts. A few years ago I bid on some very used portable executive bars that went for new prices. I got a new one from my local liquor store for less than the junk on ebay was selling for. I think of ebay like I think of gun shows. 15 years ago I was quoted $35 for a set of Lee loading dies. At the time they were $20 anywhere. The party is over.