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  • Thanks Y'all

    I would sincerely like to thank all the members of this BBS. I've been laid up here at home for the last month and a half after an industrial accident at work. Sometimes I think this box is my only link with the outside world. I know everyone doesn't see eye to eye on every subject, especially on some of the OT posts, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The free exchange of ideas and opinions is great, as long as we have respect for each other. Any place I've ever worked there has always been a difference of opinion among people, along with the way people look, color of skin (I'm colored like Ibewgypsie David) we all different, that's what makes the world go around. I've spent more time trading shots of Jack with the people I've worked with, than shots to the eye. I appreciate everyone of ya, and your ideas. Please forgive me if I've pissed anyone off these last few years, no harm intended. Anyway, the last few weeks this place has kept me from throwing a brick thru my TV set, and I thank y'all for that. When I was a youngster I grew up fast in an outlaw motorcycle club, never called anyone "brother" unless they were wearing the same patch. Took me a long time to get past that. I sure would like to have a meeting where we all could me up in person. Your brother in the trade, Smitty
    Smitty.... Ride Hard, Die Fast

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    I'm actually a third generation biker. Grampa had a harley frame w/indian 80 motor. It was fast from what the oldtimers said.

    I'm Kinda angry here, I don't like carpentry work. I am in hell. Hurt 3 discs in my back in 88, Hurt my shoulder in 70's Karate and stupid motorcycle stunts. All these things are talking to me.

    Just now leaning backwards trying to hang a ceiling piece of sheetrock by myself made me want to strike a match to the house here. Sitting down here I just realized my adrenalin is flowing, hands shaking, breathing fast and hard. I can't get the homemade lift into the new bathroom. I may put the rest of it in 16" squares.

    But then again, This site is a relaxing way to spend a few minutes a day.


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      Sounds like it's time to thumb the starter & go for a putt (if your weather cooperates).

      Barry Milton
      Barry Milton


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        Bikenut, you're right. It's a pretty neat site to look in on. Lot of interesting folk here and I'm impressed with the breadth of knowledge.

        Gypsie, I was 4 months old on my first ride on an Indian. I was placed between my Mom and Dad and down the road they went. A woman named Esther Hamilton saw us and wrote a gossip column in the Youngstown Vindicator so my biker Ma and Pa made the gossip column! They loved it.

        As for the wallboard. 30 years of 20 pound cameras have taken a toll on my right shoulder and lower back L4-5. I'm also building my shop in the barn with insulation and wallboard. I hung my ceiling by nailing a 2x4 cleat to the wall just down about 1 1/4 inches from where the wallboard goes. I spear the end of the wallboard into the 2x4, take two steps up the step ladder on the end and then have the wife shove the "T" brace under it and it's worked great just takes a little longer. When you remove the 2x4 you got two spike holes to dab up. By the way, you may have heard about the engine lift modification from me as I had mentioned it somewhere but changed my mind when I saw how slow my hydralulic action was! (wish I'd payed the $50.00 extra for the air assist unit) I thought it would take too long.

        All this work is getting ready for retirement and play time!! Maybe I'll build me a Harley!

        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
        Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

        It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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          My bike is down for front wheel mods (two day job? six months ago). There is a yellow sporty at the shop, I sure hate to ride "partners" bike. Ya know anything that happens I gotta fix. Last time I rode one of his bikes, a old shovelhead it was knocking pretty bad. I was expecting to do a engine job before I got it parked. His girlfriend climbed up on the back going to the shop, leaned forward and was ribbing me for lagging behind. I wonder sometimes if I ain't too nice of a guy. I notice it has not been "out" in a while. It was one of them harleys with mis-matching numbers too. (motor been swapped)

          I love Harleys. Grampa said they was cheap crap compared to Indian thou. Looking on the inside you learn a lot about them. Thou they don't have to have a lot of oil pressure they do have to have really clean oil. Rollerbearings won't live long with particles of crap in there, I tried the Slick50 on one, it destroyed the engine, when I tore it down I found square crank rollers. Too slick to roll, so they slid is all I could figure.
          When you build a bike or buy a new one, change the oil early, often for the first 500 miles and get More'n 300 thou out of it. The 49 pan, when I rebuilt it, it had carried a guy who didn't own a car everyday for ten years. The crankpin was shot, the mainshaft rollers were original equipment. Now that is saying something. Just replaced crankpin and a new bushed rod set. I bounced it off'n a semi.
          All motors machine themselves are they run, it is a miracle any of them last when you consider what is actually happening inside.

          All is well. I am calmed down again.


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            I feel the same way sometimes, like this forum is my connection to the outside world. It's not the only one, but it is a big one. Often enough I get to thinking about what problems people are having, and it makes me feel good to be able to give some insight towards it. I have gained a considerable knowledge of metalworking through this forum, and added that to my skill pool, and it seems I'm more than happy to spend hours reading here, and as my long posts suggest, responding in some (sometimes elaborate) way. I'm addicted- not just to the connection to a problem solving group, but to the brotherhood shown here. There's a personal connection that rivals what I have with people close to me, people that I could see everyday.
            I'm on the site right now, obviously, and I should be doing other things instead. This is a big part of my winding down. I wouldn't change anything here, the way people respond to each other, the topics that are discussed. For me, there is really no OT, as I'm interested to know what's on peoples' minds, people that share some common interests with me. That's something that's lacking with most of my friends, and there's nothing wrong with them, just that they arent interested or knowledgeable in this field.
            I've said it before, and once again, you guys (and gals) are great!
            I seldom do anything within the scope of logical reason and calculated cost/benefit, etc- I'm following my passion-


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              Get better, OK? So that we verbally abuse you some more.


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                Old Dog,

                Thought I'd build a bike & save $$$. Two years and $20k later with no primary, tranny, seat, tank, paint, etc. Sold it & got the ElectraGlide. Next time gonna do the bike-in-a-box...


                The debate rages on oiling...heard the same thing you said...been mixing 50% Harley 50W with 50% Mobil 1 20W50, motor starts faster when cold, has slightly higher pressure when hot. Don't know anyone else that does this, so the jury is still out.


                Keep the shiny side up!

                Barry Milton
                Barry Milton


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                  About a dozen small parts missing.

                  Kit is a "fat bastard" Cost w/discount was $12,500 From Midwest Cycle through Harry Tinsley is the owner, a Fireman up there and a darn nice guy. I kinda think his screen name is firemanvan on ebay. The people working for him, treat you like a Yuppie to be skinned thou. Be forewarned, deal with him after they try for a better deal. He is a lot like "us" Remembers when he couldn't rub two nickels together, started in his garage.

                  Hey that has been a couple of years, Not sure what the price is now.

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                    Bad Ride. Awesome!
                    Barry Milton


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                      Daivd Barry
                      Forget the Harley oil - it is 1 step away from total crap. The best oil out there is Amsoils 20W50 or their other bike oils. They added tons of zinc into it to appease Yamaha and H-D - who complained bitterly that no oil is good enough for our crap, er bikes!

                      I know lots of Harley guys that run Amsoils 0w30 2000 series oil because the bike kicks ass and takes names. A warning though about synthetics - because of their extreme film strength if you bike leaks with petroleum oil it will do one of two things with the Amsoi in it:

                      1) Stop leaking (this can happen becaue it keeps the gasket materials and seals more supple - petroleum oils leech the plastisizers out of these material, the become hard and then crack or leak

                      2) piss out faster than you can say -"Shoulda bought a Hyabusa"...the stuff cannot perform miracles on worn out **** - mechanically sound gear really benefits from synthetic lubes - well worth the added cost.

                      Also, you should be able to do 40,000miles on the amsoil - you can cahnge the oil filter more often if you like - use amsoils sdf-34 (long like HD filter) filter - they filter down to 10 microns on first pass - finer as they get dirty until they start to bypass - normally you will notice a slight decrease in milage when the oil gets too dirty - then change the filter...and change filter and lube at least once per year.

                      One of the H-D Drag racers up here uses Amsoils 20W50 in his alcohol blown dragster - he has never rebuilt he engine in ten years - he does however dump the 10 oz. of oil after each race - the crank is like new, BTW (wasteful bastard...)

                      Heal up brother - and may I complement you on your fine choice of names - Smitty?

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                        What is a Haybusser? Some kind of farm machine that bales hay? I wonder what that means in Japanese? Does it come with "chalk" to outline a rider while he lays there?

                        Never heard of it. Probably don't want to. If them "foreign bikes" are better'n Milwaukees design I wonder why the resale price percentage is so much lower. My older brother is brainwashed too. If it ain't japanese to him it is junk. To each his own, you can't sway him either. His old Impala convertible has rotted right into the ground. He is too busy watching tele.
                        Wonder why the "ultima kit" comes with a 200mph rated tire? After you ride one you'll know. A carb 1/2" bore larger than the ones they sell for 80's goes in the 113". It is built/assembled in the USA. You can purchase engine together, or engine apart.

                        Lots of sneaky petes out there. Revtech engine?, pretty finish. Everyone I know with one has it apart. Made overseas, with overseas redesigned parts that appear to the harley design, but the gaskets won't fit. Good warrantee, so they say. One real small note on the bottom of a page states where it is made. I guess they aren't too proud.

                        If you read, the Japanese fighters of WW2 outperformed ours pretty well. Funny, they had very little armor and exploded easily. All for speed and agility.

                        They are building the cockpits/instrumentation on one of our Fighters there in Japan the last I read. I bet they done sold the plans to anyone with a nickel. Americans being "sheep" care little thou. We'll just re-elect the guy with the pretty smile, even thou we don't like any of the choices.

                        I just realized, I didn't post a picture of "Our" bike in a box, it is marbleized purple. The one in the photo is labeled "fat bastard" but was not built by us, a guy from Kentucky.

                        I'd like to have one of them haybusser engines to build a sports car. A one seater. I may research it. I can get a scaled down 34 coupe body for $400. (midget racing)

                        Gee, I got up on the wrong side of the bed. My back is really screwed up today, Think I'll not do a thing, maybe watch some mind programming tele.


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                          My total ideal on what a motorcycle should be?

                          Stripped down, no plastic junk, Nothing there that is not needed. Light, quick, responsive, easy to start, easy to maintain like a old tractor engine. Simple.

                          I love this one, it is sitting in Chattanooga, but since it has a 57 rigid frame I can't ride it because of the back problems. This year it is painted a Tennessee Orange.

                          Kinda heartbreaking. Something you love, like a heroin addiction, you know will hurt ya.


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                            David hows that 113 inch motor for fuel mileage. My bud has a stroker and it sucks the gas like Monika Lewinski. Im talking just touring around at 70 miles an hour. Thanx


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                              The six speed overdrive makes gas mileage much better.
                              I sold my "bike project" six speed. It was a warranteed korean 3 year, unlimited mileage transmission.

                              The Baker is a better transmission, but at 3x the price? Where do you draw the line between loyalty and common sense?

                              They all use gas like crazy considering thier displacement. I have saw a whirlpool in the "stroker tank". I think it is a 82 or so. Not had it apart yet. I cranked it with a small metal lawnmower tank and it was gone in a few minutes.

                              The SU is the most economical carburetor I have saw on them, it is a variable venturi type slide carb w/vacuum adjust. A mikuni is second to that, my old 80ci evo was new, but it got about 50mpg on highway. MUCH less around local.

                              I'm about to freeze, pain=sweating/freezing. Going to wrap up.