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Cross feed(y axis) power source

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  • Cross feed(y axis) power source

    I'm looking to add power to the y-axis (cross feed) of a Sherline lathe. This is to face off small delrin plugs(3/8Dia.x1/2llength). It gets tiring cranking in and out for approximately 35,000 plugs. I would like to put a small speed contolled, reversable motor on this axis. Suggestions, welcomed.
    This is for a small place that I do part time work for. Right now I'm out of action for a few more weeks. Rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. Being right handed it hurts although I'm getting quite adapt with the left hand.
    Thanks, guys
    Stephen K.

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    Stephen - I'm using a 12 Volt windshield wiper motor that I got from American Science & Surplus for about $20 for the same project on my JET 9x20 lathe. Pulse code modulation speed control and power supplies from M.P. Jones.



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      Stephen, A small dc motor as mentioned or check out the "Frog CNC" controller from It is programmable and for what you want to do, would become a simple <cut><go><cut><go> c. where cut advances at the speed you select, stopping at a point you select. The <go> would return it to your starting point. With the frog you can also cut threads on smaller lathes, with no change gears required, inch or metric possible. I had posted some threading pictures a while back so search for "kermit" on this forum if you'd like to see what it can do.

      Geez, I sound like a salesman ... to bad I can't get paid for it Den


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        35,000 plugs? Remove the lead screw and make a lever feed. Should work fine for delrin.
        Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here