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    I have two drill pressed, a 12" lathe, and a milling machine. I would like recomendations on what machine would be best for my next purchase. THANKS!

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    A welder&torch set.


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      A good pedestal grinder would be a good complement.
      A power hacksaw will save the arms and shoulders.
      A band saw will allow you to cut contours.
      Accessories for the mill like a boarding head, rotary table etc.
      Quick-change tool holders are good projects.



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        In order of importance (IMO):
        surface grinder
        wet cut horizontal bandsaw
        contact-wheel belt grinder (Burr King type)
        backstand grinder (6x48 + 12" disc)

        My shop space is limited, so all my equipment is small-footprint. No single piece of machinery weighs over 1,000#, so I can rearrange the jigsaw puzzle if needed.

        Barry Milton
        Barry Milton


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          Top of my list would be a H/V bandsaw...consider with coolant also. I put a coolant system on mine and it does make a difference in blade life.
          I have tools I don't even know I own...


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            1. Cut off Saw
            2. TIG Welder
            3. Hydraulic Press
            4. DRO units for your existing machines
            5. Surface Grinder
            6. Oh! How about lots of carbide tooling first.


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              The H/V bandsaw is the most used machine in my shop. And the one that saves the most sweat.

              The grinder is high on the list.

              After that, it depends on what you plan to do.

              Paul A.
              Paul A.
              SE Texas

              And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
              You will find that it has discrete steps.


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                Just keep working in your shop. One day out of the clear blue you'll say "Dammit, I wish I had a ......" Write it down, then go out and buy it!

                Ed Pacenka


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                  You have TWO drill presses, a mill and a lathe.

                  I'm gonna assume you already have the stuff recommended (grinder, welder, saws: band and disk cause that stuff usually comes prior to the mills and such.

                  So my recommendation is an abrasive water jet cutter or EDM

                  Maybe another mill to go with the other



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                    MDS (Multiple Drillpress Disorder) is a little-know but extremely common affliction among otherwise logical people. I also have two drill presses & a milling machine. But I never really considered the EDM/waterjet/plate laser until your post. There goes another week on eBay!!!

                    Barry Milton


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                      A small tool grinder that will do end mills, reamers, drill bits, and can also be set up for lathe tools. Service Precision grinding sells one like this that I have. Saves money like you can't believe so you can spend your cutter money on more tools like torch sets, such on and so forth.
                      CCBW, MAH


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                        I like IOWOLF's idea but then I'm looking to trade one off for some "stuff" I can use!

                        see it here:

                        When I started putting my shop back together it was one of the first tools I wanted. Pretty versatile tool for those who ain't working on rockets and watches !!

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