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    A few months ago I helped a friend of mine buy a Cincinatti Milacron "little scotsman" spark eroder in an internet auction. Hes a toolmaker and we got it going and it works fine. My question is about the filter system. The way it is plumbed the only oil that gets filtered is the little trickle that you use to flush the crud when it retracts. after using it for a while the tank fills with black oil . Should the full flow be going through the filters or just the flushing flow (my term) Its quite a machine, the only fault is the electrode rotator dosent work because it is a 90v motor and the existing wiring puts about 240dc on the motor.

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    Our Elox sinker machine's oil would turn black within three or four minutes of starting. We would run the machine after the job was completed untill the oil was clear, took about half an hour.