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  • motor wiring

    OK I got my new belt on, now I need some help with the motor. The motor was wired up when I got the lathe, but it never has started on its own. You had to spin the belt to start the motor turning, otherwise it just hummed. The motor is the original one that came with the lathe(9" south bend). I tried wiring it up like the diagram on the outlets)but nothing happen. There is two wires coming out of the motor and two posts. I hope this is enough info. Thanks, Joe.

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    what does it say on the motor info plate?

    andy b.
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      It just has general info like, size,rpm,ect.


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        Is the motor single phase? If so I would guess the problem is in the starting circuit in the motor. Probably the centrifical SW.,but could be the winding or ,if used, the capacitor. Could also be as simple as a broken connection inside the motor. Take the motor apart and look things over. If you are not used to motors you should match mark the end bells before removing them so they go back the same end and orientation. Good luck. Buzzer John


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          Yes it's single phase, 110 volt, no capasitors. I was hoping not to have to take it apart,that maybe it was something in the wiring that needed fixed.Thanks.


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            My guess it is the centrifical switch. Check the contacts on the switch. Sand the points and see if that helps.
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