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    First, and foremost, if this is inappropriate please forgive me and delete the post as you see fit.

    I have two daughters in Girl Scout Troop 321 in Central Pennsylvania. As many of you are aware, the girls are out peddling their annual cookies. We thought that it would be a neat idea to ship Girl Scout Cookies over to Iraq for our Military Personel serving there. Imagine the smile on their faces when they got a treat like that from friends and family who are thinking of them. Finally, the reason I'm posting it here is to ask everyone if you would consider contributing to the purchase of some cookies. We will also be using any donations to defray the cost of shipping the cookies to Iraq. Any donations can be sent to my Paypal account using the e-mail address in my profile.

    Thank You!
    Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)

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    Good idea, I think I'll send some to my kid and her unit.


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      You might first check as to the shipping of perishables to the troops. It might be prohibited.
      Jim H.


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        In addition...

        This is not a scam!

        I have been a member of this board for several years.

        We have done our homework on this, and the cookies will reach the troops. Gauranteed!

        The only thing that we have been asked, is to not send chocolate.
        Arbo & Thor (The Junkyard Dog)