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  • BP Head tilting

    Could use some advice on tilting a BP Series 1 head to a 45 deg. angle.
    A friend of mine called and asked how he could tilt the head beyond 25 degrees. Following the instructions, loosened the head bolts, moved the head to 25 deg. removed the pin, and informed me that he couldn't get it to go beyond 28 deg.
    At this time I can't get up to where he has the mill. ( Recovering from rotator cuff surgery and hoping to be able to drive in a few days, four weeks and I'm climbing the walls)
    I'm open for suggestions as what to look for and or what is required to accomplish the move.
    He is trying to cut two concave channels in a block of delrin.
    Note: This Forum has helped me keep my sanity for the past four weeks.
    Thanks for being here.

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    He does know about the wormscrew on the side of the tilt?
    If not that it might be a matter of the bolts not being loose enough.Or possibly one could be dropped into the loading notch for the tee-nuts that they screw into.

    Hope this helps.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      The pin you speak of is a pita and needs to be fully retracted in order to tilt the head to 45*.
      Also recovering from rotator cuff surgery, 8 weeks ago, got another 6 weeks of therapy. Second time through for me.

      Paul G.

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      Paul G.