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ibewgypsie ,where'd ya go?

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  • ibewgypsie ,where'd ya go?

    This place isn't the same without you,It's not like you to be gone so long.I hope you are ok.

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    Same here. I was kind of surprised that he hadn't checked in on the current motorcycle thread.


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      Howdy guys.. I am checking in..

      My comment on living in the past has hit myself in the rear.
      I got into the ring with a full contact fighter once, First blow? he hit my gloves making me bloodie my own nose, I learned as I had trouble breathing to hold my gloves up higher than point sparring. Next he hit my gloves nearly making me thumb myself in my eye. I throwed a ridgehand, the thumb not being able to be tucked in the boxing gloves, nearly broke my thumb, he went under and uppercutted my ribs bruising them terribly. I decided to continue my momentum in a back kick, he stepped in hip blocked that and made my other ribs match. Basically I was out of my "point match" or street fighting element and he picked me apart one lick at a time. He was a pro and I was a rank amatuer. Next guy who took over for me? he caught a uppercut and the bones in his nose came out sideways in front of his eyes. I guess he wasn't either. Walking punching bags. *this was in the 80's. I am too fat and too stiff these days and know better. In the "past".

      Same thing with the current project, the house. I am not a real good carpenter, it has been kicking my butt. My shoulder and hips make so much noise they wake me up when I roll over. I am out of my element.

      I long for the day I can go to a electricians job and rest.. HA.. see what I mean?

      I just took a sleeping pill.. Am drifting off.

      BUT< I bought a pair of "tri bar Halogen headlights" A pair of Wilwood calipers, a pair of "23 tbucket dietz type lights", some other "parts" for the dusty and sheetrock covered motorcycle. That fancy paint is filthy.. Makes me sad..

      Keep the faith, I'll be back.. email me if you need me.



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        Did you read this post:

        "Does this look familiar? Ibew hope this cheers you up- sounds like you might need it.

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        Barry Milton