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Barker Bench Mill, any body have one?

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  • Barker Bench Mill, any body have one?

    I bought one today for $40.model PM.
    I'll post pics. later.

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    I've seen a couple. They are a neat small mill. A place called Leland-Gifford near where I work sells them. see the link below


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      The police & FBI are looking for you - you stole that machine. Your only hope is to ship it to me (freight prepaid) and we'll forget it ever happened!

      It's about the same footprint as my Atlas 7B shaper, which means space could be found...does seller have any more?
      Barry Milton


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        If anyone is jealous enough, and doesn't mind paying 3 times as much as IOWOLF for a not so good one, see the link below.

        Ed Pacenka


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          You spend more time on theBay than I do <LOL>. Maybe seller will relist with a lower start $$$.
          I've bought a few things from American Machinery - last buy was 6 woodruff cutters for $10. One of the cutters had been modified & they sent an extra, which impressed me.
          Barry Milton


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            The ebay one is nearly screws air x travel.....Barker did/LL-G does sell them lever or screw IIRC, but I bet parts are expensive.

            At least that one has an overarm. Some don't. The 3C collet is odd too, but standard. The buyer will be making their arbors.

            It is a model PM. Even at that price, it isn't much of a deal.

            The model AM, with 2 HP, a bigger table, and a 30 taper is much nicer.

            Keep eye on ball.
            Hashim Khan


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              AS promised

              I like this price better....

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                It's O.K. to rub it in. Yours is NICER and you paid $435 LESS.........................
                Barry Milton


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                  Jay. Yours is a PMO, O for overarm. You also paid a great price. These are very rigid little machines. I've used them in production and they hold up very well. If yours doesn't have one you can make a jackshaft to reduce spindle speed to use bigger cutters. You can also get dials and screws from the factory for every axis. Congradulations a nice find.


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                    Thanx,I have already started the screw process for one axis, you can see the tri handle on the front, It works well.