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  • Mill height

    The big truck brought a Harbor Freight 42827 mill drill yesterday. Before the onslaught of HF flaming starts let me just say that Mother's HF pacemaker has been working just fine for over three weeks now. (two past the warrenty).

    Their stand only gets the table up to about 29 inches. Seemed low so am making my own (want a little sturdier too). What is a good height? Any other suggestions on a stand welcome.

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    Depending on your height, I would guess 39" +- would be good. The two Monarch Lathes here are about 37" to the cross feed handle.

    Bridgeports are near 40" (table height) near the center of the knee travel.

    A low machine can get to your back really quick.

    I left my Bridgeport's at home on the 4 X 4's they came in on.

    I'm 6' tall.



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      GK, It really depends on how tall you are. I made my stand for a M/D 31 1/2" high. I'm 5' 9" and that is about right. I've spent a lot of hours in front of this thing and haven't had a problem. Remember that you need to get at the belts to change speeds....that IS a pain! I have a step I built for that. Also bear in mind how high your work will be once it's in the vise. Built my stand from 1/4" wall 2" HSS, put adjustable feet on it with wooden pads and filled the frame with sand. Makes for a nice sturdy, quiet setup. I also built a pan for addition of a coolant system. I have to take it apart though to put short stand pipes for the bolts to go through so coolant won't leak into the drawers I put underneath. I thought I could just seal the base of the mill but coolant/oil will leak throught the top of the base as it is open. I'm just assuming here that your mill is a typical size mill drill.
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        Table height for mill or bench is a big factor in back problems. As kap said, too low will get to you. I always keep my stools adjusted lower than the other guys so my back is straight and it has paid off.

        But you have to reach all operational areas of the machine, like belts, etc. It really depends on your height.

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        Paul A.
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          Thanks for input. I'm 6' tall and the machine is gear head with no belts to change.

          HSS tube?


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            Extend your arm so it's horizontal and measure the distance from elbow to floor. My measruement is 46", and my 46" table height is perfect FOR ME.

            I used 2x2x.250 wall square tube. To elevate to the height I needed, a spacer-riser went between machine base & top of cabinet, and another under the cabinet. I framed the top & bottom of the cabinet with angle iron (1.5x1.5x.125) welded at the corners. Filled the bottom of the cabinet, up to door level, with high density particleboard (over 100#/sheet & cheap). Hope it never has to be moved...............
            Barry Milton


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              Precision: sounds like a good approach but
              curious... Extend arm parallel to floor
              I presume means forearm, with the part of the arm between elbow and shoulder vertical downward?
              Otherwise you are measuring shoulder height
              with the (entire) arm parallel to the floor.


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                LOL as I post...............................

                Should have said extend arm with elbow bent and forearm parallel to floor (otherwise you'd have a REALLY high table!!!)
                Barry Milton


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                  That's the same unit I just bought. Did you get the powerfeeder with it? HF sent me the wrong one and it's been over 2months getting the correct one. It still ain't here

                  I bought there stand and find it's more heavy duty then I originally thought. I plan to set mine on 4x4's and see if that works. I also plan to build a wheeled table to put the 8 inch RT and the 4inch vise on as L4 and L5 are starting to make there presence known! The idea of course being to roll the cart over to the mill and slide the RT from the cart and onto the mill thereby not having to lift it.


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                    You reminded me of an item that Penn Tool carries. Looks like it can be shop-built for a fraction of the selling cost. I like your wheeled table idea also.

                    Precise Swing-A-Way

                    Never lift a heavy mill vise again.
                    Vise needs no storage - it stores itself.
                    Vise is easy to clean when placing on mill.
                    Install in minutes and will save its cost many times over.
                    Collet holder stores collet set plus boring head and drill chuck.

                    Qty. Product # Description Price
                    SAW-100 Precise Swing-A-Way $149.95


                    (Can't seem to copy the photo)

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                      <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kap pullen:
                      I left my Bridgeport's at home on the 4 X 4's they came in on.</font>
                      My Bridgeport is real low for me (I'm 6'2")and I've been thinking about putting mine on some 4x4's. I assume this has worked out well for you?


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                        GK...HSS= Hollow Structural Section. It 's the fancy wording the steel mfg call square and rectangular steel tube.
                        precision....that swing away vise mount is some slick! Be kind of neat to have two, one for the vise and another for the R/T.
                        I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                          Only 150 reasons that I don't have it ($$$). Maybe one of the forum members will design & post pics we could copy...........
                          Barry Milton


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                            My Rong-Fu (Wrong-Poo) was that height. I just grabbed a chair and sat down. Worked perfect and it was a lot more comfortable than standing.


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                              Probably make one of those swing arms out of Fortel aluminum. ;-)

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