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OT: Soldiers of the 278th, Reprisal?

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  • OT: Soldiers of the 278th, Reprisal?

    (If you remember this is a local outfit, they embarrassed Donald Rumsfield by asking on National tele about armor for Humvees) Also, they had a plea about Laser sight batteries and the inability to get them in Iraq. (previous post) THE News Tonight showed a "case" of batteries going to Iraq. Mine went to his Military address.
    Crap runs downhill. These poor guys seem to be at the bottom.

    News Story today.
    Army National Guard soldiers with the 181 Field Artillery Unit and the 278 Armored Calvary Regiment stationed at Camp Caldwell will see their mail deliveries drastically reduced, according to families back home.

    Rene Ledbetter said her husband, Sergeant Dane Ledbetter, called her last night from Iraq with the news. Mrs. Ledbetter said her husband and other soldiers have been getting mail and care package deliveries Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. She said her husband has been told that the 42nd I.D., which Sgt. Ledbetter's unit operates under, will reduce mail deliveries to just once a month.

    Sergeant John H. Bennett, who has been on a two week leave and will return to his 278th unit in Iraq tomorrow, said regular mail and care packages are "a good morale boost, it makes my day. Without it, I don't know what will happen."

    Bennett's mother Rosemary Frierson has been regulary sending care packages to her son, with extras like grooming and sanitary supplies, batteries and even candy that her son passes out to Iraqi children. When asked about how she felt when she heard about the mail changes, she said "I think that's a crime. These boys and girls need morale support. What they are doing is so brave and patriotic."

    Mrs. Ledbetter said "that's the men and women's morale, and that hurts morale when they don't get letters from home. I mean that's like somebody striking gold or hitting the lottery for the soldiers overseas, that's what they look forward to everyday, their mail."

    Family support officials from armories in Dayton, Cleveland and Chattanooga say they have not gotten official word about the mail changes.

    But Brigade Commander Colonel Joe Garen, Jr. with the 196th Field Artillery Brigade said often times families get news from overseas from loved ones before the military officially releases information.

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    Gypsie, I don't buy it. Ain't no way in hell any soldier would be kept from his mail that long unless he was in an operational area that would have severly threatned lives to deliver mail.

    Lot of folks out there would do anything to discredit this country and the present administration. That's not to say that one GI might have not have told his family this story but that don't make it true. When I was depressed about the amount of mail I was getting in Nam I wrote my family and asked them not to write, then I wouldn't have to stand in mailcall and walk away empty handed day after day. Wanna do a GI a favor, give him something to open at mailcall. It don't even have to be long, tedious or complicated. Just tell them you know where they are and you appreciate what they're doing. Tell'em you support not only them but the country they're fighting as well as the adminsitration who sent them there. Don't make'em feel like they're fighting a lost cause. It's real likely Democracy is spreading like wildfire over there and it will be to their credit.

    Must be that CNN or CBS thinks these guys are gonna get burnt at the stake for embarrassing our Sec of War. Make a great news story if it were true wouldn't it?

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    Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

    It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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      Ya,and the media never did show the real question asked of Rumsfeld a day later in Iraq.Soldier asked what they could do to counter act the negative portral of the job theye were doing in Iraq by the media,never did see that one,it wasn't prompted by a reporter thou.

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        I believe this is BS, and this unit is a group of whinning reservists. Mail is sometimes hard to deliver but they will get it more than once a month, in my short thrity
        years in the service I never once saw mail held up on purpose, sometimes late because of casualties or more important items like ammo.
        A lot of this stuff needs corrected but it is nothing new. The military enjoys repeating their mistakes, I seem to remember no armor on the trucks in the RVN
        and today still no armor, the same old canvas topped trucks but with automatic
        Non, je ne regrette rien.


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          Considering the Reserve is made of older people, You would expect more complaints.

          Young kids don't know squat about most things and think they are immortal. Till the bullets whack the bone.

          They are priming the USA for the Draft on national tele too. Just like the Internet said about a year or more ago. NONE of the branches of the military are meeting thier quotas. They are reconsidering. (*what I read last year was they had hired people to staff it)

          I am the one who thinks it probably is some childish way of reprisal. Probably a lot more than that going on. The News clip didn't say anything about reprisal. They just interviewed the soldier and family.

          What was it Rumsfield said? Not joined the army you Wanted, But the Army we have. (unarmored Humvees) I can see that point, but lots of the local families with kids and friends over there can't.

          (you might be right..) Poor pityful me Syndrome.. Seems most the Laser requests have came from Members of The Chattanooga Tn. police force. It was/is something they train with. The Armored division that came from here local are running police roadblocks, not what they trained to do. I guess listening to a recruiter who tells you that you will only be activated in "times of national emergency" is the main gripe most these guys have.

          I foresee the draft coming back, if enlistments are down, they want a better class of people than the ones who can't get a McDonalds job. With all the hi-tech machinery I guess they need some hi-tech kids. (computer geek gomers)

          I'm here, got a soft heart for the guys over there. Sorry can't help it.


          Where our Divisions are deployed..

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            I find this hard to believe, doesn't sound right, but then since part of the 278 is from here, and is itching for a fight, I can see why manning road blocks is boring.

            As to "Humvees" the greatest error the Army has made in a long time was to get rid of the old fashioned "Jeep", plus, the "Humveee" was never intended to be an armoured vehicle. Adding the weight of armour just adds to their limitations as "off road" vehicles, which, a "Scout vehicle" has to be able to do. Sorry for the rant, but having two Armour officers in the immediate family and several more in the extended family, I get a LOT of feed back.


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              BTW, it was announced today on local TV that 24 brand new factory armoured Humvees were delivered to this unit this week in Iraq.


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                Gypsie, like you I feel for these kids and want the best for'em but you can't escape the temptation of some guys to whine. We had'em in our unit to.

                I received an email from a guy who read my early post. He sent me a nice email back and I'm going to enclose part of it here. I think it's important for the Nam era crowd who don't know about this to hear about it. It sent shives done my back side and I'd love to join'em if I could. The letter in part.........(he's also a vet)

                "Her coming home was a lot different than ours---her plane (and I guess most of them) came in at Bangor Maine at something like 0:300---They expected an empty terminal, but it was full of people--seems the local Viet Nam Vets get called by the tower any time a plane comes in from over there and they all go out to greet them---they usually bring half the town with them! One guy in her unit was in Viet Nam-when he saw the crowd he freaked--he almost hit one guy and then realized the guy was handing him a cell phone so he could call home--sooo different! Yes, we are really proud of her--she still hasn't said to much about her time over there--just the funny stuff and things about the people she was with----they all seems so young---or maybe I just feel so old.!"

                I don't think he'd mine my sharing that with you all. I was 20 when I was drafted. I'd like to be 25 now and they wouldn't have to draft me.

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                Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                  afterthought: be nice if the damn media could tell us of some of these unselfish actions noted above but then that would make us Americans look good wouldn't it? Might also be construed as a miniscule of support for the present administration.
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                  Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                  It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                    I think the inlistment quota is a shame deal too,by law they can't increase the headcount in any branch of the service without increasing the end strength number.So it's a kind of a catch 22 I think that the media is just showing half of the story again.
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      It's good to hear someone is saying thanks when they get home. I remember one time when I came home, I walked from the airport downtown, I wanted a beer so I stopped in the american legion, a bunch of drunks who never served and the old slut barmaid told me "You don't have no card (i showed my active duty ID) and you ain't vet cause that there vietnaaaaam **** ain't no real war, just a criminal thing". I turned and walked out. I never hated the enemy as bad as I did those americans that day. If I had been armed I would have killed them all and laughed, it don't mean nothin. That little bit of thanks will affect their outlook on
                      life forever.
                      Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by chief:
                        this unit is a group of whinning reservists. </font>
                        What a sad thing to say, even for a lifer.


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                          ........Let's see how this fits together :-D. My brother in law's wife's sister's husband (whew!) is an Army Infantry Major, currently detailed logistics. He is laison between the Army Corp of Engineers and Iragi civil engineers and those dealing with the infrastructure.

                          He says it's tough getting their stuff done because of the people who try to come in and thank them, so they have people the civvies get steered to. He said that there is unrest mostly because of the regime they lived under for so long is still only recently gone.

                          However, most of the Iragis there are interested in nothing more then getting on with their lives, or getting their lives straightened out. He said the average guy on the street is just like we are. They work and want to go home and be with their family. One thing also that got to me was that things he'd heard about, that went on before, and the condition of the people made him glad that we were there and could effect a change.

                          On another note, one of the guys I shoot with has a son who is a Marine Capt in intelligence, and he's been home for a couple months. His son said that lots of what is going on over there as far as trouble is that basicly the population is segmented or tribal in some of their thinking. He said that some guys are trying to setup small powerbases so that went the US pulls out they can take over.

                          You then have a smaller bunch causing problems for only 2 reasons. One is that they enjoy it and the other is that the means are so available. It's like the LA riots during the Rodney King thing. The idiots were running around burning and looting their own neighborhoods. Much the same mentality. Opportunistic stupidity.


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                            I don't think its possible to deliver mail once a month. The mail system (including the militaries mail system) is not designed to stockpile mail. There is no place to put it for that period of time. The only way a once a month mail system would work is if the families only mailed parcels once a month. If it is true, the best way to get it back to multiple weekly deliveries is to send MORE mail. By overloading the system they (the military) will be forced to increase the delivery. Uncrichie...


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                              The guys were over "there" cutting up metal for "shrapnel" defence on thier vehicles.

                              If they put soft armor on them it takes care of the same thing. The Armor they were using on the humvees was being sewn by hand in California. (machine operated by hand) The carpet technology has gotten to the point where samples are bound by cnc. People load the parts cut out by machine and it sews them. I called, wrote, emailed the company and offered my services to no avail.

                              If they won't step up, someone else will fill the niche for production, perhaps the koreans, or chinese, or ??

                              I'd love to throw together a outfit that'd produce soft armor into a trailer van. Send them over there.. I'll volunteer as the company electrician.

                              Tribal warfare? sounds like Africa. Or Tennessee in the 1800s. Hatfields and McCoys.
                              More like religious warfare, you'll never get them to quit.. they adore martrys.