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  • OT: Global Flyer

    For what it is worth, Global Flyer departed Salina, KS about 0130Z (7:30 CST) placing him in eastern Iowa at present time.

    For those who don’t know about Global Flyer, it is an 80-hour non-stop, solo flight around the world.


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    Do you have a good link for some more info?


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      Do a Goolge search.

      I work at an air traffic control center and I didn't know about the flight until he took off. I have a couple of tools that I can follow his progress. Working the mid-shift it doesn't take much to entertain us.
      OR GO TO



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        now im going to follow this news, thanks.


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          Willy Makit, Betty Doo, looks he may land today back at Salina, KS



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            Even if it runs out of fuel I bet it makes a pretty good glider empty.
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              According to the web site, at about 45,000 MSL and a glide ratio of 37:1, Steve can glide for about 200 to 300 miles depending on thermals and wind.

              Shoot, most of the sail planes I fly don't have that high a glide ratio!



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                he just landed, he made it.

                very cool.


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                  What was the US spy plane that crashed in the USSR in the 60's, IIRC? I once heard that one lost it's engine over Tennessee and glided to Nevada or Arizona or ??? for a landing.

                  Don't know for sure about the truth of the statement but that's what I heard.


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                    pgmrdan I think that would be a U2.(don't know about the story otherwise)

                    a long range high flyer.

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                      Ya,just ask Gary Powers about SAM missles

                      U-2,started out as an F-104 if I remember right,saw one documentary were when it first lifted off they didn't mean for it to.It just went a short distance,less than a 100 yards and lifted off.

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                        Gary Powers was the pilot, ruski's got him with a missile during a overflight.
                        Kruschev was complaining about overflights,DDE vehemently denied them, then K produced Powers, and the wreckage.
                        He was later swapped back for a Russ spy we had.


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                          On the history of the U2 - It started out as a British small bomber in 1947, I forget the name, the US got Martin to build an upgraded version as the B57, which Lockheed modified into the U2 at the SkunkWorks. About all that was left of the origional B57 was the center fuselage, all else was new. It did not start as a F104, even tho it looks like one somewhat.


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                            Sheesh. The U2 isn't based on anything. It was an original design by Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed skunk works. The first model was the U2A and flew in 1955. It doesn't closely resemble any other plane in any other service except of course the later models of the U2. They include the U2-R which is about 40% larger than the original. There is also the U2-RT which is a two seat trainer model. There are variations used by NATO and NASA as well.

                            The RB-57 was a modified Canberra bomber for recconaisance use before the U2 but was not the basis for the U2 design. The RB-57 Canberra and the U2 do have a superficial resemblance.

                            Flying the U2 at altitude is extremely difficult. At maximum cruising altitude (somewhere around 80,000 ft) the difference between cruising speed and stall speed is about 5 knots. The pilot has to maintain 100% concentration at all times.

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                              I think it was the british Canberra bomber that they started with.