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ACEconverter Z-axis problems

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  • ACEconverter Z-axis problems

    I have a small, home-built hobby CNC router and use TurboCAD/ACEconverter to generate the G-Code to cut my sheet balsa/ply model aircraft parts. No 3D CAD or contouring yet!

    This combination has served me well for several years but recently I noticed the Z-axis moving up & down during a cut which leaves a part that's not completely cut free from the sheet stock.

    When I look at the code in a text editor, I see odd Z depths here and pattern, just odd numbers. When I load the .dxf file into ACE, all I do is set the cut priority by layer, then set the release height .125" above the thickness of the sheet which makes the Z axis plunge to 0 and begin the cut.

    Anybody ever seen this? I assume it's a problem in ACE since I use an old 2D version of T/CAD and shoudn't be introducing any Z dimensions into the .dxf file.

    It's not a huge problem since the X/Y toolpaths are perfect; I just have to go in and edit out all the funky Z-axis moves.

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