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  • More women!!!

    Ok i cheated. Here is my new addition to the world. She was born on March 4th at 9.25am. She weighed 7 lbs 8 oz. Mom should be home tomorrow. This is our first.


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    Barry Milton


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      Hold on tight, cause she will be a teenager next week.
      David from jax
      A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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        <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by sandman2234:
        Hold on tight, cause she will be a teenager next week.
        David from jax
        Yup, and you will be a grandfather before you know it

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          make sure she wears safety glasses in the shop.

          andy b.
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            congradulations, I just got a new grandson on March 1st.



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              Congratulations to you and your wife!

              Like David said above, "Hold on tight, cause she will be a teenager next week". My little girl is 42 years old and it seems like she was a baby yesterday!

              Enjoy her!!!!
              Jim Larsen



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                You're a very lucky man. Enjoy.


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                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    A girl? boy are you in for it now. Wife and I raised up two girls and I can't remember getting into the bathroom when I need to. My girls where in their thirtys when the started lives of the there own. That was when we added a second bath.
                    Seriouly congratulations your life just got richer.

                    Paul G.
                    Paul G.


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                      Congratulations Dad! One suggestion, get your camera fixed. Looks like a blue (boy) blanket and she should be reveling in all her feminity from day one! Get her some frills and make a princess of her. Then get her a brother to help look after her! That's the natural order of things!

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                        That's a truly beutiful site. My wife and I just had our second not too long ago. congrads!.......So. which of those teeny tiny fingers are you wrapped around?!

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                          Wow! You're at the begining of something wonderful. Trust me, their's nothing better than being a little girl's Daddy and if eddie had any sense he'd know you're wraped around all of those beutiful little fingers as well as a couple of toes. Don't worry about the frilly blankets and making her a princess, let her be who she is, she'll let you know in no uncertain terms and if you can let her do that you'll all be the happier for it.

                          Dave (who once pinned his daughter to the changing table)


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                            KIndest regards! and dare I say it love from Scotland we don't fully understand unless we have experienced it the joy of fatherhood I have three sons all grown up now I still love them to bits congratulations Alistair
                            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                              Thanks everyone! I figure i will be wraped around whatever she wants me to wraped around.

                              The blanket? We didn't know what we were having. Boy? Girl? This was the 1st picture we took. Still some little things to iron out! Haha.

                              Thank-you all for your kind words. I understand, a little, and more as i get older, the joy this brings!