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460 volt tig welder electrical question

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  • 460 volt tig welder electrical question

    I just picked up a 10 year old (but never used) 150 amp Miller Econo Twin HF tig welder from a friend.

    #1 problem: It is a 460 volt, 28 amp, single phase model and I have only 230v. It does not appear to be a dual voltage unit. Is it reasonable to make it work?

    Here is a link to the manual with wiring diagrams and schematics:

    Please tell me I can do this without breaking the bank!

    Location: North Central Texas

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    You'll need a 460/230 single phase LVGP (low voltage general purpose) transformer rated at 13 kva or higher. A unit half this size is listed on eBay:

    but nothing big enough is there at this time. Electronic Surplus sometimes has these:

    Unless you've done this type of wiring before, you'll probably want a qualified electrician to install & hook up.

    Barry Milton


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      Take the top off
      You will probably find it has tappings for lots of voltages.
      There will be a low voltage transformer for the control circiut this will have options on it.230v 415 etc
      and there will be the option of changing the wiring around that go's to the main transformer...again it will be marked up 230v 415 etc.
      ive done this with mine.
      but because im in the uk and we only have one phase and a neutral,mine is half power now.
      but you lot in the usa have two phases for your single phase,
      so you should get full power.
      all the best.mark

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        If the tag says 440 only then your screwed as for switching taps.I have a friend that runs his off a Ronk rotary phase converter,a 15hp unit,it not only provides 3ph,but also 440.

        You might find it cheaper to ditch it for a single phase unit.Or I do have some big x-formers laying around.You would be the only guy on the block that could throw lightning

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        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          precisionworks, thanks. I am having a hard time finding one surplus/used. H&H said they normally sell them for $245, but they don't have any.

          aboard, I was hoping I could go that route, but I don't see any other taps.

          Darin, I would SURE appreciate it if you took a look around to see if you have anything that would work. I have gotten several opinions on the size requirement, everything from 6kw to 30kw, but the consensus seems to be around 15kw.
          The 460v weldor and my 230v are both single phase.
          Location: North Central Texas


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            I mentioned "13 kva or higher" because table 2.1 of your manual states "12.9 kva used at rated output". So any rating higher than that will work.

            You'll find one surplus or eBay if you have enough time. Or with any luck WeirdSci will have one laying out back (same place he keeps those big old shapers <LOL> ).
            Barry Milton


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              Thanks pw, I was getting my kva's and kw's mixed up.
              Location: North Central Texas