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Imported 'HSS' taps & dies, any good?

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  • Imported 'HSS' taps & dies, any good?

    I would like to have a basic set of the most common sizes of taps and dies for re-threading and light work. The sets I see available seem to have all the sizes I am, likely to need. I don't do enough threading to justify buying top of the line stuff, but I don't want junk, either. I do want reasonably good quality HSS, not carbon steel.

    Enco offers a set (Enco brand-imported HSS I am sure) for$89.99. The latest MSC flyer has a 39 piece HSS tap and die set for $79. (At this price it has to be imported.) Are either of these sets worth a *%#@?

    If not, what are recommendations for an acceptable set. (I would prefer not to have to order the individual parts to build a set.)
    Thanks in advance.

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    Buy a name brand set off ebay. Anything else is frustrating. Having to remove a broken tap that shatters each time you try to back it out is heartbreaking.

    Of course if your time and parts you work on are worthless, buy the cheaper ones. They "might" work.

    Sometimes even with the best of taps you have a problem, but less often.



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      I hav a set in metric from craftsman and a sae set from hanson, they are the same kit in a red box.They have served me well.


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        The dies in my HF 7$ set only work to rethread a thread, try cutting a new thread, only end in disaster.


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          I have somecarbon steel taps that are pretty much @#$%^.

          I also have some specialty HSS taps I bought from KBC that are made in Poland. They are great! They cut like butter. I guess it depends on where the imports are from. I have several Polish tools and they are excellent. Maybe I've just been lucky.

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            The imports from Poland, Czechoslovakia, etc. are quite good. I've ordered the Travers Tool "quality import" taps and dies several times and always been satisfied. They aren't quite up to the Hansen line that Travers sells, but I've had no complaints.

            Dunno about anything from Enco....
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              Check into getting the round adjustable ones – they’re good for both threading and rethreading. The hex ones are only for rethreading. Probably not a lot of difference in price either.