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  • Gathering stuff...

    Who else has this problem? I got into this home shop deal in Oct. last year and I just keep gathering STUFF! Seems like everything I run up on I think "Hey, that may be useful someday" and I snag it. Trouble is I don't have the resources to get shiney nice stuff and everything I end up with needs work and $$. I am slowly getting some things together and tooled up but I still have my mill to get running and a bigger lathe that needs some care.
    Maybe someday I'll make some parts...

    Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga

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    I have a 30 x 40 building and still not enough room, get used to it.


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      It's like life, half the fun is getting there. Got the same problem, my stove has one front burner and 78 back burners for my projects. I keep saying I'll get to them when I retire. Looks like I'll need to live 70 or 80 years beyond retirement to finish them all!
      Ed Pacenka


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        My shop works pretty much the same way. I have, however, made one important observation. If I can decide on what projects I fully expect to excute, I find that the parts for those projects just seem to naturally gravitate to me over time at prices I'm willing to pay, many even for free. I now nolonger mind planning long range as it nearly always gives me not only ample time to modify design before I'm committed but it usually works out cheaper

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          I have the same situation,too many projects,not enough time and money.

          I have begun to think of it as a mechanical version of Survivor Island,sometimes I have to vote somebody off I got several old machines now that are headed to the scrapyard.Hate to do it,but I need the room and there are other more pressing projects I need to finish.
          What I am doing is lining up my priorities,I can't do everything at once.
          I just need one more tool,just one!


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            Yea, there has to be some method to the madness. I spent a lot of time and effort on my shaper and now I have, well, a shaper. That time would have been better spent on the mill which will be a lot more useful. Now I'm off on this heat treating thing which may not prove that useful either and then there's the hardness tester that needs weights and cones... I'm not saying it wasn't fun and rewarding doing it but it is a little crazy!


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              Sticking with a project until your finished is one of the hardest things to master,at least in the homeshop.
              It's easy for me at work as I have deadlines and the customer has the money.At home it is a different story.I have a Delta bandsaw I have been working on as I get time for three months,the saw is finished ready to run,but I can't try it out as it is three phase and I got started on the saw BEFORE I finished the new phase converter for that part of the shop.So as it stands I have a fine saw and no way to run it until I finish the RPC that I should have finished before I started the saw------sheesh..what a vecious circle

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              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                wierdscience - could I have a list of those machines your getting rid of?. I'm surreee I could use em.---------


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                  Yea, I need a phazer for the mill and "new" lathe...

                  Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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                    The only stuff I buy at retail is "gotta have it NOW for a job at hand" and the customer pays part of that bill. 90% of my eBay purchases are "don't need it now, gotta have it later". So it makes sense financially to pay ten cents on the dollar for things that need cleaning, painting, surface grinding, general tuneup. Mostly one or two hour jobs at most.

                    It is so tempting to look at that old, dirty, greasy, neglected (fill in the name) and justify the purchase. But if that machine is going to take 40 hours to disassemble, clean, repair & reassemble then the "low price" really isn't quite what it seems. And 40 hours barely covers a little shaper, so it's easy to get buried in the bigger machines.

                    To paraphrase WeirdSci "stick to one project until it's finished". (Probably easier to develop the widsom to understand women <LOL> )
                    Barry Milton


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                      I think that “Gathering stuffâ€‌ is half the fun.
                      A plan on what someday is going to be, might help with some stuff.

                      You get your shaper all done? Shaper vice done?
                      Did I miss the pictures??

                      Have Fun
                      Be Safe


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                        The difference between "gathering stuff" and junk collecting is that the "stuff" is rare and valuable.(I think)
                        Always build/allocate twice as much space as you think you'll need, that way it will take another two weeks to fill up.


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                          I worked as a toolmaker and before that as a machinist for 38 years and it seemed like all the really good/ talented ones were all pack rats. Must be written in the rules some where .


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                            Stuff and junk defined.

                            All my posession is stuff worth treasuring for future need. Anything belonging to you guys that I don't covet is junk.

                            That goes for my quarter century old Cadillac and my 35 year old truck whose bodies looks like cheap suits that were slept in for a week.


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                              I agree that shop dimensions don't ever increase no matter how much stuff I pack into it. However, I have the opposite problem as some of you. I got my phase converter built, but now need to pick up some equipment that uses it. Right now, it just sits in a corner gathering dust. No, I'm not going to get rid of it. My wife jokingly brings up the possibility of that, and I really don't find her very funny then :-)

                              I've posted these pics a few weeks back, but what the heck? It was my first decent project and I want to show it off.