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  • HF cutoff saw

    Anyone used any of the HF metal cutoff saws? If any of them held up well, could you post the link? Here's one example I'm looking at:

    I wouldn't use it every day, but don't want it to smoke after the first couple uses either.

    Also, what are your favorite cutoff wheels? I've heard there's a huge variation on cutoff wheel quality. The only brand name I've heard of is Norton.


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    There is a great deal of difference between types of cut-off abrasive wheels. Saws like the HF saw usually come with a real cheap wheel that doesn't cut worth @#$%. Use of the cheap wheel will stress your saw and wear it out quicker. Buy a good wheel, it will last longer and cut faster and be easier on your saw. A friend of mine gave me a package of 5 Makita 14" wheels. They cut twice as fast as the cheap one that came with my saw. I have a Mastercraft (Canadian Tire) saw with a 15 amp motor. I have cut steel and masonry with it quite a bit and have had no problems.