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I want to make a Diff Lock

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  • I want to make a Diff Lock

    So why don't I just buy one?

    It's for a Subaru which runs a Nissan R160 diff, and to the best of my knowledge there are none available!

    So far my thoughts are looking towards the Lockrite or mechanically operated manual lock.

    As far as I can tell all that is required is to lock one side gear to the hemisphere and everything will then be locked. With the diff I am using I am able to remove the side plates and stub axles.

    What I am thinking is to machine some dogs into the hemispehere, a new output stub with a spline sliding collar to match the dogs with a mechanical engagement, housed in a alloy tube extending out of the side of the diff. I have about 4" of room to play with (would require finding shorter CV's but that is easy enough.)

    The Lockrite style would be easier to machine and is cheaper, just that from reading the reviews I have of them I wouldn't be too happy about noise coming from the back under normal driving - it's un-nerving...

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    You do know that "lockers" are not meant for street driving, don't you?

    See this site for LSD differential build:


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      I went into one of the welding bays after work finished, and a couple of the young guys were welding up the spider gears in a Mazda RX2 diff head.

      What was it like to steer I asked? Well you have to drive it using steering and throttle!
      I think they were in to slightly illegal nightime street racing....


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        This is good reading


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          Thanks for those links guys, very useful. I do have to say though CCWKen, I didn't actually mention that this was for an on road application. The only time the car in question is driven on paved road is on its way to the fishing/camping destination. This is the actual car this is for.

          The Vernco link will give me a pretty good start, not sure how to apply this to IRS just yet, but can surely figure something out!!



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              that phantom grip is ahhh interesting, to say the least... I know I could replicate it, but not sure how much I would want a block of steel rubbing on my diff gears constantly...