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  • OT Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

    Hi Guy's Gal's
    At a Welding Booth at the Annual Tulare Farm show I bought a new in box Hornell Speedglas Utility Helmet. I used it for the first time and it does not seem to get dark enough? I called the makers and they ran the tests and it is indeed doing just what it is supposed to do. The problem it seems is I had cateract surgery a couple years ago and new implant lenses, and at that time the Dr said bright lights may bother me??
    Now Hornell says they cannot do anything maybe the dealer can?
    Anybody want a Hornell Speedglas Utility Helmet that I bought for $140 with 10 min time on it? I am going to have to get the adjustable model this model auto adjusts from shade 3-10 I need to go to at least a 12?

    I thought of wearing dark glasses under the helmet but that kind of defeats the purpose ofthe auto dark feature as the glass is a stage three when off?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    I have an older First Gen Hornell (A few of em) I think the glass LCD can have different darknesses that can be used. But that is the most exspensive part of the hood. Most of them were sold to production welders who used mig welders. If I was using bright tig I would get a real hood before I used my Speedglass. But the newer ones may have a tig rated lens.

    Call the local welding supply house, thay may have a fix (Like a overlay)


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      Just a thought but you could replace the clear protective inner lens with a lightly shaded one. My cheapie helmet runs to 13# ten a bit light.


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      Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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        The helmet I use lets you adjust from shade 9 (low amp TIG work) to shade 12 (heavy plate welding). I adjust it for almost every job and probably wouldn't like a fixed shade.
        Barry Milton


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          My company buys Speedglass helments and they can be purchased from McMaster Carr for about $300.00. It can be adjusted from 9 to 13. I like it. And I havent noticed any dark or light spots in my vision yet. (yet may be the key term???) rock
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            I've got a Jackson auto dark. It goes up to a 13 shade and it's OK for me. I weld aluminum all day, 40 hrs. week. Jackson has a website I think. One of the guys I work with has a Speedglass. I've used it once for a little bit, didn't care for it much. Just my personal preference.