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  • OT: Transmission manual

    Well, the trans. in my '97 Chevrolet barfed. Looks like the damage is confined to the front end, the forward clutch, planetary set and the sprag clutch are wasted.

    I hate flying blind on a project like this. I'm sure that there are some selective fit thrust washers somewhere to control end play, etc. So, a book would be nice.

    Any leads would be much appreciated!

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    Look in your owners manual and in the back there is usually and order form for the manuals. GM manuals are usually supplied by a company called Helms.



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      What trans do you have 700R4?
      The selective washer I think is the one just under the thrust brg. Usually parts were close enough to work with the original. Used to be a mechanic for GM back then, can't remember the speck off hand but tolerances were not all that tight.
      Are you rebuilding this. If so clean everything very very good, and go through the valve body, steel valves aluminium valve body. Pieces of metal off of NFG parts gets imbedded in the aluminium and intermittently sticks valves. Not good.
      Also there is a mild shift kit that makes them last longer.


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        I just used a ATSG manual to rebuild a Nissan was pretty good. I paid full boat, about $26, because I needed it quick, but I see them on ebay from tranny parts dealers in the $14 range. I bought my parts directly from Transtar Industries as my local parts stores weren't too helpful with the parts I needed and Transtar had a relatively local location. May be the way to go if one's close or you don't have another Trans parts specialist in the area.


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          Yep, ditto what ABN says. ATSG manuals have a step by step (with photos) guide of disassembly and assembly. They give you the specs as you go along too.

          The shims come in a lot of thicknesses and you won't know which ones you need until you start re-assembly. The end-play MUST be within spec or you could wipe out all your new parts. The clutches and bearings can vary in thickness so the final end-play is set by the shims.

          Transtar is more "buyer friendly" when it comes to assistance in parts buying. I get most of my parts from a near-local parts distributor but you have to go in knowing exactly what you want.