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Cheating on concrete prep

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  • Cheating on concrete prep

    Are there any products out there for painting concrete which let you cheat, i.e. no acid etch, etc., but maybe a good wire brushing and vacuuming? I cringe at the thought of either acid or the rinse water in either half of the shop while the other half is being done. Den

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    As a painting contactor the one thing that you don't want to do. Is short sheet prep. So you have to other ways grind it or shot blast.


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      This would not be considered a short cut if the circumstances are right. If the concrete is older as in 3 or 4 months or older you do not have to acid treat. Mix up a good strong solution of TSP (trysodium phospate)which is available at most industrial supply stores in water and rinse the floor. Double treat any oil spots. Let it dry for a couple of days and paint. Acid etch is only used on new concrete.


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        Next thing?

        Cook off of poly urethane. WE did a local firehall with a known quality product. (name has left me) Rock-glass or something close was on the label.

        We ran floor sanders as required, hoed up the residue, swept the floor, applied the muratic acid, washed it off, let the floor dry overnight (while the fire engine sat outside) came in the next day and applied the floor covering. WE left the doors open since it was very aromatic and hurting our eyes as it dried. Fire chief came by, shut down the doors and ran us off.

        Since the vapor could not escape the natural catlyst hardening of the polyurethane was interuppted. Next morning we went by to pull the tape and paint lines.. it was like Hot chewing gum. Cost 3x job price to just clean that mess off the floor.

        Then, guess what, had to sand the floor, etch the floor, wash the floor, then apply the "same" batch coating again and leave the doors open. It cooked off and hardened this time thou.

        My buddy ate that job. Cost him a months salary to subcontract that one.

        No, I don't think I'd skimp on the floor prep.


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          Staring at my box of TSP yesterday, labelled:CONTAINS NO PHOSPHATE. ??
          So, must be TSsomething.


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            I found this paint on stuff once, it was not TSP. It came white, let it sit for one hour. I did a hole in a setp at my house by using this stuf, and drilling holes in the concrete for a few nails to act as anchors for the new concrete. The nails were 16d nails put in about 1/2 way. They are about 3/4 inch below the crater surface I have fixed.

            Did this eight years back in March, still there.

            Of course, you may not have the crater, looks like a floor you are doing.

            The stuff I used was not an acid. Used the same stuff - man i am sorry the name escapes me - on a concrete area in my shop that was pitting out. Took a big wire brush - 10 x 14 area - 3/16 coat depth, and cleaned the entire place right out with that and my shop vac. Used that paint stuff, no big scent, let it dry for one day, then did a skim coat with sand mix. Four years later, still there with no problem.

            CCBW, MAH


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              Floor buffer and a sanding screen,should be able to get one at a rent-all.
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                Thanks for the ideas, guys. I know cheating and prep don't belong in the same sentence, at least not for a good job.

                I suspect that my floor is lacking a moisture barrier as anything plastic quickly collects a damp spot under it. This may put a damper on any plans to paint it.


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                  I did my floor with a U-Coat it kit. My floor was a month old and still had to acid wash it. Let me just say that washing a 1500 sq. ft. area isn't much fun. That said, I like the end results. I chose black for my color so it's kinda hard to keep clean. But man it looks cool when it is clean. I think the web site is Check it out if ya like.


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                    If you have a moisture problem you mit look at something more like a stain. Think of something like H&C Sherwin-williams cares it.


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                      I must be missing something. Are you talking about painting concrete?
                      When I had to paint my new and old concrete floor, I asked a friend
                      that ran the local Coke plant. He said that they used Thompson's Water
                      Seal and then a good enamel floor paint. I did that in 1973. It could
                      stand to be touched up or redone now. The Coke plant redid there floor
                      every 10 years I think I was told. My shop floor got a lot of abuse too.
                      I guess I do live in a dry place.
                      What ever, good luck to you.

                      Have Fun
                      Be Safe


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                        It's the basement floor (circa '78). I'll have to check out the stains and sealers.