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  • Metric Thread Cutting

    I’m still confused. I have a 10â€‌ SB heavy lathe with the “extendedâ€‌ capacity ( 27 TPI capability) quick-change gearbox. Mid sixties vintage.
    I have purchased a set if metric-transposing gears including the 120/127 combination, and five or six smaller gears for attachment to the gearbox input shaft.
    The problem is I still don’t know what gearbox combination I need to cut metric threads.
    Does someone have a chart, that they would share, showing lever combos?
    I also need info and for gear location including idler size and location, if needed?
    I guess I’m not with the picture today.
    Your help would surly be appreciated.


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    With your set up you can cut 33 metric pitches from .20mm to 6.00mm. As a service to members of the yahoo South Bend web site I have been selling a CAD drawn wall chart with the quick change gear box chart for the two lever, 48tpi gear box and the metric transposing chart. The charts are large enought so you can put them on the wall behind the lathe and easily see the settings you need. If you want to E-mail your address I will mail you just the metric chart. [email protected]

    Gary P. Hansen
    In memory of Marine Engineer Paul Miller who gave his life for his country 7-19-2010 Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Freedom is not free, it is paid for with blood.


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      Take a look at this thread it may be of some help.