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Midnight Motorcycle projects..

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  • Midnight Motorcycle projects..

    Mikey just left. He is riding in another funeral tomorrow, Bobby, other partners are too. Rain is forecast if that matters. I ain't getting out.

    Mikey needed a battery box cover, we just tried out the new spot welder (bought two months or more ago but not used) and did him up a cover from the mirror stainless. (turned out great) He bent it, we welded it.

    I used to think what goes around comes around. But more so it just goes.

    My shop is still there. (a big mess)

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    Ya sound like me David. I'm still "thinking" about the timmer for my spot welder. Too many other things on the list. I've gotten to where I can just flick the switch and get near perfect welds. The timmer is still on the list though.


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      what would a timer cost? elec. over pnumat.?


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        You know, you can buy photography enlarger timers that will do 10ths of s second. Im not sure how much current they will switch but shouldnt be hard to hook in a relay.


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          The photography timers have built-in switching that will handle up to about 10 amps. I have a digital timer that will time tenths of a second up to 100 seconds and one hundred minutes. Do a search on ebay for gralab timers. There are analog and digital types. They're selling pretty cheap now since lots of people are selling off their darkrooms to go fully digital (bad idea IMHO).


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            The main advantage to automating the spot welder is to make it hands free. (foot pedal)

            I mounted mine on a 2x2 socket. We mounted it in the "english frame" socket last night in about three seconds from the gang box to the mount.

            Like the Waa-Waa pedal you came up with that works so great. (poke poke.. rib rib) I have it and a 3ph female socket on a 30 foot cord off the inverter.. (got two pedals on the slip roll too, one forward, one backward) I think that was your ideal too. Not got the bead roller added on yet.

            Okay, so you design the timer for the spot-welder and I can copy it too? (I know what you are thinking.. gee thanks friend)

            Me Copying your ideal should make you feel good. a Form of flattery.

            My mediciene is screwed up again, I almost cried during the "incredibles cartoon" last night. Really quick tempered and emotional. I have to be careful and think each thing out before I act. Like a five year old I am liable to smash anything I am working on if it don't go right. (except I am 300 pounds and got a #12 foot) I been keeping my head low and away from people till things stabilize. The doctor is putting me on some kind of mood stabilizer.. (Zoloft or ??)

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              Hmm.. cooking cornbread.. 2 cups cornmeal, one flour, one egg, 1/3 cup oil, buttermilk and corn or jalepeno peppers cut up small like. Get the skillet hot before pouring in and cooking at 435 degrees till golden brown.

              There is a market for the cheapie spot welders w.timer. I have been emailed by three people. I found a source for 8pin digital timers, opto22 solid state cube type relays, have not found a source for pneumatic solenoids. I guess most people don't have my electrical experience and just want one, don't want to hassle with building.

              I may have to jump in and build something soon.

              Right after supper.. Ham-hocks and pinto beans, Vidiala onions and buttermilk cornbread.. Cooked by "yours truly"

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                Ill be right ove for supper.


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                  That is some damn good looking victuals. I feel sorry for anyone that is not from the South (USA) and don't know what good cookin is.

                  Did you roll all the poots out of those beans?

                  Vidiala onions are hard to come by this year for some reason.

                  Your middle Ga. friend.


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                    Mikey just called, They had gotten ahold of a 45 trike w/hearse box on the back. Used to be a flower car I think, borrowed it, Only 4 of them in the ride, all harleys. They tried to get me out of the house and onto a borrowed bike. My bike , well I have thought about planting flowers around it. Simple things, parts stacked around it. No iniative. No real desire to ride, just a urge to possess a piece of the past. If ya ain't gonna ride it, chrome it I always said.

                    I bet it was a sight Police escort of straight piped bikes following a 3 wheeler.

                    All these people dropping like flies. Most are my age or younger. Most of them have taken better care of themselves than I have. I guess that is just genetics thou.

                    After eating a pint of so of pinto beans, onions, cornbread my "hands and feet" aren't the dangerous part of me tonight.. He Heh.. Carrol is working late.


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                      Jeez Dave, I was going to have a ham sandwich for dinner tonight. After seeing what you made, now I'm depressed.


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                        Oh yea! I can tell your part Indian (American). I'd join ya for dinner, if there was room at the table. By the way, 1015's are just as good as Vandies. Come to think of it, I think 1015's were developed from Vandies. I had a good crop last year. A little over baseball size and sweet as candy. The rain's been good this year too so we'll see.

                        Heck Dave, you can have anything I come up with. That's what this forum is for, isn't it? Yea, I've got two timmers (0-5 seconds by 10ths) but still looking for the cheap opto's. Surplus Center had them for a while but sold out. Dang it. They were cheap too! I think all they have left are the 20 amp and 120v. When I get ready, I'll peek at ebay.


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by ibewgypsie:
                          Hmm.. cooking cornbread.. 2 cups cornmeal, one flour, one egg, 1/3 cup oil, buttermilk and corn or jalepeno peppers cut up small like. Get the skillet hot before pouring in and cooking at 435 degrees till golden brown.

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                          Dave,you forgot the 1/8 cup Ribbon cane syrup(homemade of course) You turnin yankee on us or what?

                          I just need one more tool,just one!


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                            I just had some with milk.

                            I dislike "sweet cornbread".. My Yankee wife (#4) used to cook it like that. Jiffy mix. *choke.

                            My Finnish wife (#3), she made me lunch one day for a construction job, I opened up the box and there in the lunch box was a piece of the cornbread (I taught her to make) with sliced onion on it. Nothing else. She liked onion and thought it'd be real good for me. She'd eat the vidiala's like apples.

                            She says she can't get the fine cornmeal in Germany or Finland. We still email and talk. All the women from that part of the world are beautiful.

                            Gotta love the Ex's that still speak to me. The Mean one (#2) only calls when she wants money. The First Ex (#1), she dissapeared cause she owed me money and she saw what I did to people who owed. She had found a rich kid with a family allotment to live on (ie: not embarrass them)

                            I am on my 4th and hopefully final woman, and Yes, she does not sweeten the cornbread.
                            With my mood swings, I kinda would just like to be all alone in a cave with my toys.



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                              I bought a bunch of solenoids off Ebay a while back, ten of em for like 40 or 50 bucks.

                              Unfortunately, they dont have a you have to machine up a little base to mount them on so you can actually run air to them.

                              The guy said he had a whole bunch of them (in the 100's)...I believe they are all 24v coils too. If you are interested, I will dig up the guy's contact info.