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Another "new" toy

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  • Another "new" toy

    South bend 13" Traded it for some machine work.

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    I'm envious -- you got the taper attachment!
    Barry Milton


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      They say money can't buy happiness. Looks like work bought you some!
      Paying Attention Is Not That Expensive.


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        Yea, It really needs alot of help, I might just part it out. I am in Iowa. Hint hint.


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          IOWOLF e-mail me. Joe.


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            I hate you (snicker, snicker). Around here no one, absolutely no one sells a or trades a lathe unless they want "new" price or is an absolute POS
            Forty plus years and I still have ten toes, ten fingers and both eyes. I must be doing something right.


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              OK spin, the lathe is yours you have till this friday am to pick it up, if not It is mine again, cant say that now can you?

              oh yea, no questions about the lathe.

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                Good one, jay. Congradulations.


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                  My guess is , Spin, is you don't want it?Well it was prol'y a POS anyway, right?

                  Ok, I will keep it.


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                    POS, words used by someone to belittle a piece of used machinery.

                    NOW NOW< you will hurt someones feelings.

                    Sometimes you run a car, lathe, horse, or motorcycle till you get all the good out of it. Is it used up? well.. you have to consider how much it will cost to repair to a usable condition. Sometimes it is worth more in parts. be a shame to bust up a "together" quality built but worn machine for a few worn parts.

                    I saw a goverment bill once that wanted to not license all older vehicles. It said they did not meet pollution standards of the present day. I was trying to figure out how to bury a few old cars till that blowed over.

                    My 1951 Leblond keeps on turning metal, it may not be all shiny and painted up like the Bridgeport cnc is, but it never has gave me a seconds trouble. Is it brand new, NO, does it work? Yes.

                    Some people buy car's and motorcycles on the same principle, is it shiny? if not it must be a POS. Let someone rub a lil paint on it thou.. and the same people jump through thier bunghole.

                    Words spoken here say you must rebuild a brand new Chi-Chong lathe to get acceptable results. WHY? can't you just rebuild a older cheaper quality machine and end up with a better machine?



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                      just remember that one mans POS is another mans diamond.