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fixing a slipping keyless drill chuck

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  • fixing a slipping keyless drill chuck


    I'm a wanabee machinist who has a mill
    drill and an imported keyless drill chuck
    that after a while doesn't hold the bit
    any more. Short of buying a better drill
    chuck, is there anything that can be done?


    Pat Young

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    It's unlikely that you'll be able to buy replacement jaws for an import chuck unless it's a "brand name". MSC sells the Accupro brand (I have not used it) that is pretty low priced & has replaceable parts:

    Albrecht & Jacobs chucks are often listed on eBay.
    Barry Milton


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      What ever you do dont buy the thread mounted hand tite keyless chuck. The second down on the left. It may be a Jacobs but they really let the side down on those. They come out on many electric hand drills and are the biggest POS out. I think the discription hand tite refers to there gripping force on the drill not the mentod of tightening.
      That said there are good keyless chucks out there. If you can't afford a quality keyless chuck get a good keyed one.


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        I have a keyless chuck on a Bosch drill and it was acting up. I pointed it at the ground and shoved a needle air compressor up into and blew the hell out of it. Then did the same thing with WD40 and blew it out again. I light coat of 3 in 1 oil and it works great again. Don't know if this would work for you.
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