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Help identify a power hacksaw.

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  • Help identify a power hacksaw.

    I have this old power hacksaw that I would like to restore. It works fine except the one-way clutch (inside gear – see photo inset) that holds the bow up on the non-cutting stroke is missing some internal parts. I was hoping that someone can identify the manufacturer or that they might have one and can tell me what the missing parts dimensions are.

    There aren’t any model numbers on it but the saw’s bow has "TOLEDO" in large letters cast into it. Also, "L W Chuck Toledo Ohio" is cast into the base. It has a lubricant pump that works off a cam during each stroke. The base is used for lubricant storage. The saw weights about 350 lbs and uses a 14 x 1-1/4 inch blade.

    Any help would be appreciated....Mike


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    It's made by the L. W. Chuck Company. Machinery Manuals Online, (213) 627-0006 or may have a manual since they have L W Chuck in their listings.

    Dave Sobel (who says you're a NUT for buying that saw!) will look through his library to see if he has information. He needs either the model number or pictures. You can call him at (201) 768-9645.

    Barry Milton
    Barry Milton


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      Thanks for the reply and information!

      No luck at Machinery Manuals Online! I'll give Sobel a call later in the day.