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Cabin Fever Vendor ?

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  • Cabin Fever Vendor ?

    Does anyone remember the name of the guy at Cabin Fever that was selling plans for various shop tooling? He had a knurling tool, a ball turning tool and a little indexing device among others. I have the list of vendors but it does not have a desc. of what each one sells. Thanks!

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    That is Andy Loftquist, Metal Lathe Accessories. email [email protected]

    Kim Steiner


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      No not Andy, but this guy was in the other room, kind of near the Sherline booth. He has been there the last couple of years at least. Andy has nice stuff though...


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        Was it D&E Tools?

        Mike Henry near Chicago


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            Yes I have the vendor list from the Cabin Fever site but unfortunately there is no info on what the vendors sell!
            For example:

            Kator Precision
            Tom Rudzenski
            1012 Willow St.
            Pottstown, PA 19464
            Ph: 610-323-3372
            This vendor normally attends: Cabin Fever

            This does not tell me what the guy sells!

            I was sure someone would remember this guy..he had very nicely made stuff and was selling plans only. It was all made from stock, no castings. Oh well thanks for the help so far and if anyone remembers him that would be great!


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              Well I was not there but I know Mr Howell was and I have bought plans from him and everything he draws is designed around barstock... He has a website and you have to really look through it. He has plans, material, ALOT of helpful pages and links to many vendors.


              change the "menu-4" menu-3 or menu-2 or menu-1 for more info

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                It's D & E Model Drawings. I've built his radius cutter design, got the plans for the little die filer this year. The little indexer you mentioned is indeed cool. Website is:

                For some reason, nothing but the gatling plans are mentioned on the website, but email & other contact info is on there.



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                  THANK YOU! I would have never figured this out without help! Funny he doesn't have this stuff listed on his site.


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                    Make sure you mention that fact if and when you talk to him. Maybe he will update his site. I am interested in some of his stuff also, but like you, found nothing other than the gattling gun on his site.