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OT Saving good stuff as .pdf files

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  • OT Saving good stuff as .pdf files

    There are several free .pdf (Acrobat reader) file producing programs out there which let you "print" to a .pdf file instead of a printer.

    I've found this to be extremely handy lately for saving a web page. If you save it from your browser, separate folders are created for images, html pages, etc. and they don't always open properly.

    As a .pdf file, a saved web page with that special tip, method, dream machine, etc. are there for easy access.

    added - has the freebie I've been using for a few months and it has worked well with all sorts of printer output (CAD, mech prints, drawings, text w/images, etc.). No connection with the company ... their stuff has worked well so far.

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    thanks I have been looking for a program to convert files to pdf I will have to give it a try

    Matt in AK
    Matt in AK


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      I've been doing this for some time. Just make sure you got the entire page and not the left half only. If you did. Save it again only this time go to "advanced" and take the top paper choice of 17 inches and then you get the big stuff corner to corner. What a great utility huh?
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        Yes it is and the only thing that would make it better is if some of my stupid applications would spit out text instead of graphics (i.e. postscript style which is a cousin to .pdf). Then, searches would function on various objects, attributes, etc. contained in various CAD drawings.

        And thanks for the paper size tip !


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          Just a note on what I do since I don't have the program you are using. When I save a web page, at the bottome where it says "save as type", change it from "webpage, complete" to "webpage, single file". This saves the photos and text in one file and you don't have to worry about losing pictures. I am not very computer literate but this works for me. Just thought I would share.
          Jonathan P.


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            I have recently atarted using OpenOffice, a free alternative to MS Office. One benefit is all the applications have an Output to PDF function.
            Also, the free version of Adobe Photodeluxe that comes with many cameras and scanners wil let you export pictures and scanned documents to PDF.