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Clausing 1 3/4"-8 Spindle Thread

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  • Clausing 1 3/4"-8 Spindle Thread

    My 10" Clausing lathe has a 1 3/4"-8 TPI spindle thread. Why is it so hard to find faceplates and chuck backing plates in this size?. It's a pain making these, taking the part off and on over and over again for test fitting!. If someone knows were to find these please let me know!!. Thanks! ---

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    Make a stub duplicate of your spindle to use as a gage for the threads. You won't have to keep taking off and remounting to check fit that way.

    There were so many different spindle threads that it is impractical for a manufacturer to keep them all in stock. Having them made to order is expen$ive.
    Jim H.


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      Wow, this is exactly the same spindle thread my 13" southbend from 1916 has. It took about 6 months of lurking on ebay every few days to find a faceplace and a 4-jaw, but they eventually showed up. I also bought a tap (for cheap,) and found a source for blank faceplate castings, but then I finally found the 4-jaw and gave up on the idea. (Of course, I don't have the right change gears for 8tpi, and something tells me that this bottoming tap aint gonna cut these threads from scratch!)

      The only typical chuck you'll find in 1-3/4 8tpo is the $600 adjustable chuck... My lathe came with the backplate for one of these, but no chuck (of course I had the chuck's box full of misc. bolts, so I know it did have one... argh!)

      I wish there was some easy way to make an adapter for this to a more typical taper or camlock mount, and also lock it in there so there's no risk of hitting the brakes and having the chuck roll over you.


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        I made a stub like was mentioned above. It's been a big help over the years. At last count, I've made about 6 backplates for my Clausing. All single point threaded. Takes a while to cut the thread, but, it's not bad.

        Do you have the 24" machine or the 36" machine? Mine's a 24". Love it! I've had it 13 years.

        Andy Pullen
        Clausing 10x24, Sheldon 12" shaper, Clausing 8520 mill, Diacro 24" shear, Reed Prentice 14" x 34"


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          My 13" Southbend of 1914 vintage has this same thread. I found a Ney collet chuck on Ebay recently for this thread but not much shows up. Keep looking as there is some stuff out there.


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            One of the first things a home shop owner should do is make gages for all his spindle configurations.

            I have an L-0 spindle on my lathe which means I made male and female taper gages for the spindle and a ring and plug gage for the retention ring thread. Same with the accursed limber R-8 spindle on the mill.

            Now if I need some oddball piece of spindle tooling I can make it and accurately fit it to gages in my possession. Best home shop policy I ever established. Over the years I've made a bunch of stuff. I cleared out much of my old lathe spindle fixturing when I built the new shop. Naturally, there's two items I wish I had back.


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              OK gentleman, this is what I did last night. I used my faceplate, counterbored .125 deep X Dia. of the mounting c'bore in a 4jaw chuck. Then made a tube to size, mating the two together, in perfect alignment!. Now I can use the 4jaw and the faceplate when needed. Do I have an exciting life or what!! -- At least my machines never say "no"!!!. Later---


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                Andy, my Clausing is a 10X36", it's an excellant lathe. I've got the Pratt-Burnard Adj. Collet Set also, but never got around to using it, probable because I have a set-thru 3 jaw!. My other lathe is a Clausing 14X48", hyd. variable speed, with an "L" mount.


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                  Blank faceplate castings are they cheaper than a billet piece made from 1020 or aluminumn.


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                    Hurry up & bid on this:
                    Barry Milton