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What's a good East Coast machinists' salary?

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    kap pullen,

    Kiss my gritts!



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      hmm, my profile says I registered in 2004. that doesn't seem right.

      I dunn-no must have been making chips? or didn't register for a while? I bought my mill in 2001.

      My day work is pretty slow. got a lot of time between tasks.

      my login is my name. Dan Sergison. simple... easy to stand by.


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        metal mite,

        You got a knot in your panties.

        Get over it!



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          Yeah, Kap,

          Kinda slow today. I made about 600 spacers for the USDA lab yesterday. Part off and debur pvc tubing so they can glue a piece of filter paper on 1 side to measure how many spores penetrate. What kind of spores; I didn't ask. The lab assistant that picked them up was kindof cute...Almost the twin of a Major at USAMRIID.

          Besides, I'm a bit lightheaded for some reason...Might be the antibiotics I'm on for bronchitus...I did do some conveyor parts for one of the mechanics and a table brace for the Colonel, though.


          You're going to piss off your alter ego....

          Andy Pullen
          Clausing 10x24, Sheldon 12" shaper, Clausing 8520 mill, Diacro 24" shear, Reed Prentice 14" x 34"


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            Holy cow!!!!! A simple question, and what a crazy bunch of responses!!!!!!

            From what I have sen of Doc, and andy, good folks.

            machine shop machinists are getting to retirement age, this is too true. been offered 2 1/2X my salary to leave teaching, but alas, would lose my great big hobby shop and those students I am trying to train to take the jobs that pay better than mine, and would losre that chance to work my summers in the shops to learn more bcause they really want to move me aound to learn more.

            And the weather in my neck of the northeast today: 56 degrees, sunny, snow melting, and spring is coming. No m'skitters, lots of blue skies. Feel the fishing bug coming on, time to make some spinners and spoons on the lathe and mill!!!!!!!
            CCBW, MAH


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              <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by andypullen:
              A friend of mine (and Kap's) tells a story from time to time: A dentist came to him and asked if he could come over to his shop for a few weeks to learn how to be a machinist. This friend, who I would consider to be a "master machinist" asked the dentist if he could come to the dentist's office for a couple of weeks to learn how to be a dentist. The dentist was appalled that a "lowly" machinist would ask such a question. The machinist then told the dentist it takes as long as if not longer to learn how to be a machinist as it does to be a dentist.

              Andy Pullen
              It takes a few weeks to learn how to grind out a cavity and fill it. But it takes years to learn how NOT to say while doing it: Oh My God , Holy Sh**, Whoops, & F***.
              Super Dave


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                The man who taught me most of what I know as a machinist once told me that Tool and Die makers just start "getting good" about the time they're ready to retire.

                He's fond of telling me that he's starting to get "decent" grinding endmills and he's 52!


                This Old Shed
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