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What's under your horizontal mill?

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  • What's under your horizontal mill?

    I just got a small Burke horizontal mill BUT with no stand.

    So, what does your small horizontal mill/shaper stand or cabinet look like?

    If you had to build a stand for a small horizontal mill or small shaper, what would you make and what options (storage/casters/?) would you add to it?

    Pictures would be great.



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    The stand which came with mine when I bought it is in this pic.

    I added drawers, because I needed a place for cutters and so forth. You can see a drawer open. There are two and an open area under them.

    Drawers are set up like this. The three spots for Arbors are all filled now, so there isn't anyplace for the end mill adapter that is in the photo. Pegs in front hold the arbor spacer that are not being used at the moment.

    I like it, I hardly ever have to go somewhere else in the shop to get something for the mill. I keep the wrenches etc that I commonly use right with it. I now have a rack for the clamp bars, step blocks etc, which is on the far wall where you see the vacuum cleaner hose in the pic.

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    Hashim Khan


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      J Tiers that is a dandy little horz. I want to make one like that. can you take some pics ?
      I love the 1965 hiachi seki at work its a big pig but is wonderfull to run.

      I like the little mill you have, im sure it chews out keys and slots great, thats why I want to make one.(the right size for me to build a home made one.)


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        Well, 50 years ago you could have made's a kit, a "Lewis", same folks that made the shaper kit.

        Yes it does keyways, etc, but it also does some more serious hogging. Particularly when the support arms are put on the overarm, since most cuts are chatter-limited.

        With back gears engaged, it will spin as slow as 30 rpm, which allows larger cutters.

        It is the only Lewis I have heard of with roller bearings, threaded spindle (1 1/2-8, same as my Logan), and back gears, plus vertical head. I like it.

        A couple more pics at;f=14;t=000063

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        Hashim Khan


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          THANKS for posting those pics!!! i just got a bunch of cutters and was trying to think of an easy way to mount them on some arbors. your method looks perfect.

          andy b.
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            thank you also for the pics, that little mill is too cool, and i want one like that for the home shop.