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OT-Wife just won her dream truck on ebay

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  • OT-Wife just won her dream truck on ebay

    a 1977 f150 ranger 4x4 .........She's abiut to explode. Hey any one here ever had to work on of these? Just though some of you, might appriciate her exitment;nothin like a motor head for a wife..... I'm proud she got it! I'm gonna sick er on that lathe I've been watching next!

    This is his wife -- he forgot to mention -- 6" lift, locking hubs, mud digger tires, dual exhaust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    MRS eddie; Go for it girl, where were you when I was younger?


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      I had a couple 1970's era Ford trucks when I was younger. neither was exactl ythe same as this, but they were good trucks. They are very easy to work on compared to what is out there today.

      That F150 came with a great drive train for a 1/2 ton truck, one of the best ever for 1/2 ton. High pinion Dana 44 front, 9" rear and probably an NP205 transfer case (NP203 if it is full time 4wd). They came with a good stout tansmission whter it was manual or automatic.

      Which motor did you get? There were a lot of choices back then. I like the FE series the best for a truck. Lots of torque.


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        Good deal.I bought my 1977 ford F150 4X4 new with auto trans and a 400 cid, locking hubs.

        Replaced the engine 2 years ago. Replaced the rubber molding and had the truck repainted.

        I have about 140000 miles on the truck, 122000 when I changed the engine.
        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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          I wish I still had my 78 F-150, but allass it went the way of all rusting metal. I still have some parts for it though. I think I liked it better than my current F-250. I definately miss the right hand tool box that was in the side panel of the bed. Tried to get one on the new truck and the sales staff just looked at me funny. Best thing about it was not needing an engineering degree to figure out how to fix it.


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            Don't be so the URL of the auction so we can look/see !


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              Yeah, best I seen, a 70 ford F150 w/429 cobrajet engine, mudders, lift.
              Lots of other trucks blowed the bottom ends out trying to keep up with it. I rode in it for a hour with the tach bouncing on 7,000 rpm. The bottom of my feet hurt after that day, my scalp hurt, my fingernails.. from bouncing while airborne.

              I had a 59 Dodge powerwagon here for a while, made about $1500 on it so it left. I really didn't know what I had. NOW< that was a real 4x4 to shadow the present civilian HUMMERS running around. Made to carry a ton across rough terrain. It had a corvette engine in it once upon a time, then a chevy six. Mikey cranked it up standing beside it and it idled up onto the hood of a recent restored MGB. Nearly ran him over too. I think it would have idled on over the car if he hadn't pulled about half the wires out of the engine bay. Them old puppies have a divorced transfer case. Meaning you can put any engine/transmission in it you can dream up mounts for.

              That old ford truck has a real FRAME under it. Watch Mr Majestic for a real demonstration of a "unmodified" ford truck. No mods were done to that truck to perform all the stunts. Consider the original "gone in sixty seconds" 73 mustang and you'll see a full roll cage prepped mustang. You know? kinda like Nascar?
              I have a older ford shop truck now. I feel safe riding in it. I know being hit it will not turn into tin foil shrapnel.



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                It's eddie's wife -- kinda old post -- ok...heheh...I hATE RANGERS. BUT she's got locking hubs, 400m, 6" lift, dual exhaust. I'm going MUDDING!!!!!!!!!! I grew up in a 78 F-150 Custom, 4 on thr floor, locking hubs, granny gear, her bumper was 23.5" off the ground (legal limit in OK was 23"), suspension from hell...I'll have to train my new baby, ease her into dealing w/ me, but, hey she's an old Ford truck, she can take it (he grew up in Jersey, doesn't FULLY appreciate ) NEVER let an old (FORD) truck rust...that's an insult to the greatest invention of mankind (to a hillbilly girl anyway LMAO)


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                  Mrs. Eddie again...if this works, here's my new baby....

                  What ya think????


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                    Neat!Cheap too,and not in that bad Chevy way Ughhhh....Chevy,got to take a bath everytime I ride in one
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      Trust me,she won't be happy if she has to pay for gearbox or differential repairs, more than the price of the truck.
                      Non, je ne regrette rien.


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                        chief -- got those parts sitting in the front yard -- plus body parts, drive train, engine (but carb), all for $150!!!! I know how to shop...


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                          you always need to get a parts truck that is just part of the game nice truck by the way

                          Matt in AK
                          Matt in AK


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                            Funny thing I was looking for parts for the truck I have when I found this one!!! Now the one I have is a parts truck. AK? Arkansas?? Or Alaska?
                            I apologize for edging in on this board, esp since I'm talking truck when it's a machinist board, and I've seen mills, drills, shapers, lathes, but know SQUAT!!!! LMAO I'm trying to find a ford truck message board so I can give eddie back his spot here. Any suggestions???


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                              AK is Alaska
                              I have one truck that drive and 5 parts trucks for it that way I dont have to worry about breaking parts

                              I dont think anyone minds talking about a good truck here

                              Matt in AK
                              Matt in AK