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  • machinery movers?

    I'm trying to get a 3/4 ton machine moved half way across the country for less than what I'm paying for the machine. Are machinery movers different than truck lines? The quotes I get from truck lines cite commodity classes and crating and palletizing and run into ridiculous sums. However, when I deal with a machine (sales) company, the prices are more reasonable. I realize the machine companies may get a better rate due to volume, but it seems like way too much variation in price. Any recomendations from CA to MO? I have to make arrangements myself: no help on other end.

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    Another possibility is to contact some machinery dealers or movers in your area. They may be able to put in touch with some dispatchers that can help or know of someone coming back empty who will pick up something to help defray costs.
    Jim H.


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      See this link to view my experience with a similar adventure.;f=1;t=006310