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FURNAS Drum Switch need wiring dig.

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  • FURNAS Drum Switch need wiring dig.

    Hi everyone I have a probulem and know where to go (here). I have a Furnas Style R4 drum switch and it has never been right since i got my lathe Forward is reverse and reverse is forward and I have to bump start it to run in the forward position. My diagram is oily and un readable.Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks

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    Hmmm...Don't know if this will help you but go to this site and under "Drawing and Publications" download the pdf file "Catalog 4258 May 2003". Look on pages 5-6 and see if there is any information that will help you.


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      I got several furnas switches here. Trying to remember how..

      Seems there is 3 poles that switch, one bottom pole just switches on and off both ways. Top two poles switch back and forth, seems both capacitor.start windings go on one side and the hot/neutral goes on the other.

      This is assuming you have a 120 start-run motor. 3 phase is similar.

      best to draw it all out if you can. Take a ohm meter, take a paper and draw 3 sets of the 6 terminals (one for each position) soon you will have a legend of "how" and what position the contacts make. Then, at that point you can determine how to wire it up.

      You didn't say, single phase or 3 phase motor thou..


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        Some time ago I copied the wiring diagram from inside my Furnas Drum Switch on the Yahoo South Bend Lathe group in the Files section. (SB Lathes | Files | Technical Info | Motors and Switches | Furnas Switch. The copy is as exact as I could make it and I double/triple checked it for accuracy. The original was falling apart and I had to completely destroy it in cleaning, refurbishing, and painting the switch.

        It is in several file formats, but they are all the same drawing so just download the easiest format for you to read/print. It shows the hookups for different voltages, motor types, and single and three phase.

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          You can download Furnas wiring diagrams from the Siemen's website. They absorbed Furnas some time ago.


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            Thanks everyone I knew that if this group couldent help me, I could forget it. Found the prob. one of the contacts was not making contact.


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              Siemens hasn't owned Furnas since Jan 2003. And a good thing too - anyone who can find anything at all on the Siemens site is a more patient man than I. Mike Burdick's address for the Furnas/Hubbell catalog is correct - lots of interesting wiring diagrams there.