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Carnival Ride Takes Shape! - "Kenbota"

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  • Carnival Ride Takes Shape! - "Kenbota"

    I've been working on a sub-compact Grader to clean up my drive way after rains. The drive way winds down hill for 1/4 mile and gets pretty rough sometimes. I got tired of filling holes with a shovel so I started accumulating parts for a "tool" last year.

    I test drove it two weeks ago and it works great. I still have to locate a drive belt for the front tiller and finish the FEL but it works as a grader now.

    It's powered by Kubota Z400 Diesel that was salvaged from a G3200. I also used the hood (with extension), seat, console, front axle (widened) and the tires from the G3200. The rest of the chassis/frame was all fabricated.

    I just now got back my film that was taken during the assembly. I also just got a new digital camera so I take some "semi-completed" pics this weekend. For now, here's a couple off the 35mm batch.

    Finished Welding on the frame bottom:

    Frame rightside in primer:

    Frame in color: (Blade carrier in background)

    Blade lift cylinder:

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    Gee I might be able to get out to the shop and solder a new mini-jack onto my headphones this weekend.

    Seriously, that is amazing!


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      Ever heard of concrete??

      Is it registered for the road ? Where do you put the wife and kids?

      Good work Ken, if I ever need any fabrication I'll come and see you. You have talent .

      cheers, Ken


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        Whoa! You've inspired me! I feel like running out to the barn, jumping in the truck and heading into town to get me a bigger computer screen so I can take in all these projects! Wish I had the energy that some of you are blessed with! Great job, you should be very proud. How may road graders are in your neighborhood? Are you the last one in the neighborhood to get one? That you have a need for a road grader, where the hell is your neighborhood?

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          Ken, that's a fantastic job you are doing. Keep the photos coming.
          To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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            Nice piece of work. Looks better than some of the brand name equipment that you can buy today. Keep the pictures coming, want to see the finished product.



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              Circus music 24/7 buddy Looking good,where's the ac?
              I just need one more tool,just one!


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                You are some kind of can-do wild man!


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                  More pics.


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                    The birth of:
                    "CCWKen Construction and Roading" ??

                    Veeery impressive! good onya!

                    cheers, Ken


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                      Very IMPRESSIVE, excellent job


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                        Very Nice Work.

                        Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                          That's incredable Ken.
                          How long did it take you to make it.
                          was it a scratch build or is the chassis adapted from something else.
                          something like that would probably take me ten years to build.
                          all the best...mark


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                            That is the best piece of homebuilt machinery that I have ever seen.
                            To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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                              Friend, Mikey has a pavement machine just sitting waiting on you. two small steam rollers sitting in his yard.

                              They bought it about ten years ago, been sitting ever since. They contracted the pavement on the subdivision. Driveways is the paying business, not state subsidized roadways where you have to have a huge cash bond.