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my feet hurt

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  • my feet hurt

    I left the family shop for a Mfg Engineering position. I now stand on steel grating most of the day and my feet are killing me. I would like to know what boots you guys like. Wolverines are out I currently wear these and they suck.


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    it is not the boots it is the steel. it is hard on your feet and legs. when i was young i worked on concrate floors. my knees are gone and i am only 55


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      ct,there are insoles available made with little air pockets.they might help,though i haven't tried them.maybe you're just wearing out !



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        You singa my song!! I went to a pair of steel toe tennis shoes and they are great. Considerably lighter AND with a steel toe. Who da thunk they would ever build such a thing. There is a great variety available too.


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          I have been in industry for 25 years now and I can tell you it's in the boot. You get what you pay for. Go to a work boot store not a department store. The last pair I bought was a Napp boot, about $170.00 a pair. Expensive, yes. Feel good...YESSS!! Go to a work boot store and try on boots from several makers. Red Wing good..Carolina good. Many good makers out there. Buy what feels good to your foot and don't ask price till you are giving the clerk your credit card.


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            Try a foot Dr. they can make an insole that will fit your foot and spreads the weight out. The only trouble is the initial set are expensive.After that just a reline is all and that is fairly cheap some where around $40.00. It did help my feet but I have other problems so they still hurt.
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              Perhaps your ankles are fraying at the ends ?

              I don't think there is a general advise as people are diferent.
              I have found that after about 6 months what ever I wear they draw my feet and they start to give problems.
              I have found that rigger boots last about 6 months so I just buy these and throw them.

              I have bought expensive boots but have exactly the same problem so buying a pair of $170 boots would be a waste for me.

              Got to stress this is my situation though, others with have a different set of circumstances.

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                ct Try Redwings with thier best extra insoles, worked for me for years on frt. dock. chiphead


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                  This is something I have had mini fights with every employer about.

                  If I am not moving things that weigh more than 20 lbs, I am in tennis shoes. I always have work boots with me if needed, but if you are just walking around the shop, why do you need work boots on?

                  They always said company policy...but the plant management wore dress shoes, not steel toe.

                  Never got fired for it, but was warned about it tons.



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                    On a cement floor all day.
                    Nothing beats a pair of Dr Martens!!
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                        I currently wear Durashocks ouch. Have had them several weeks and they are well broken in but seem to be too soft. I think I suffer from a lack of support. Whatever it is these do not work well. Thanks for the input anyway.



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                          Two words:
                          Well, steel toe flip-flops.
                          Wait, that's 4 words...

                          Hoffman in Warner Robins Ga


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                            I currently wear Cat boots,I don't really like them,they are heavy and the soles wear quick on cement.
                            I have given thought to doing what a firend does,he wears tennis shoes with lace up meta tarsal guards on top.He swears by them and he works heavy steel.He like me has always refused to wear steel toes on the big iron,if you drop a 10,000lb beam on your foot that steel toe cap will only make you bleed more and longer while they cut it off with your toes inside.
                            I have also given thought to loosing 50lbs or better

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                              I wear Danner boots with some sort of gel insert. The insert manufacture is not too critical as long as you change them regularly. I also am on my foots all day. Unless I'm sittin down

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