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  • New toy...VFD

    No pics but you all know what a VFD looks like...I got a toshiba tosvert-130 any one know anything about it?......John maybe?

    I got it hooked up and running but way to much to "program".

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    Most the important thing is to determine the voltage of the toshiba inverter.. I guess if you got it running it is okay...

    Most the programming is hardwire if I remember correctly. I did have a pdf manual, not to be found now. It is online.

    I have three of these, all 460vac. Useless here.


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      Most of it you won't need.
      I think the manufacturers are running a competition between themselves. Who can get the biggest amount of techo crap in the manual without actually saying anything.

      Just took delivery of a Varcon drive today 440v in and out 15 kw.
      The book is nearly 1-1/2" thick, I kid you not, all in english, no shared language publication.
      Had a quick scan thru for a quick start guide, no quick start guide and belive it or not NO WIRING LAYOUT diagram.
      Plenty of graphs, charts, parameters etc but no wiring diagram.

      Well Varcon are getting a very sharp call tomorrow and we either get a diagram faxed thru, a rep to stand here and program this or it bloody well goes back.
      They are not the only supplier.

      John S.

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Just wondering what do thiese normally cost new, mine is new old stock 5hp $150.00 is that good?


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          $150 sounds good. Unitech welding supply (West Frankfort, IL) sells 3HP new surplus VFD's for $250.
          Barry Milton


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            This may help:



            Barry Milton


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              I have commissioned over 100 Toshiba drives, the 130 is a good model, the G3 is the last in the series if I recall. I think that size goes for around $1000 new in the newer models. You should be able to download the manual from the Toshiba website.

              The only parameters you really need are motor sizing and acceleration and deceleration times. If you use coast to stop then you don't need the decel time. Don't worry about all the other stuff, hardly anyone uses more then the basics.


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                My VFD is a Toshiba VF-S7 and it works really well, but is not too fancy. I downloaded the manual and it is pretty good at explaining the hookup etc. The Toshiba rep is from near Sioux City, Nebraska and I know him well, if you need any interpretation. He likes guitars and stops in my store now and then. Good luck--Mike.


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                  I was thinking the G3 130 has lil clock rotary switches to set the decell and accell.

                  If so, just set them till it works.

                  Them things are really sensitive to line flutuations. Every week when the local mills would start thier 200+hp extractors across the line they'd fault out. *(brown out)

                  One in North Carolina I used to drive up there and reset the power on, I wired the fault relay contacts to the reset input so it would reset itself.. *that is till it blowed up.. I always expected it to die a fiery death but never did, at least while I worked there. Driving 8 hours to turn something off then back on is really aggravating.



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                    Hi Guys
                    Info please! I wanted to fit my Hardinge with a VFD and was told the VFD would not recognize a two speed motor. Does anyone know if this is correct?


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                      My brandy is taking affect. I thought this was going to be about a Very Friendly Divorcee you found. Dang! Just some ole gizzmo.


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                        I do know a few of those also,but I am married now. But I do keep in touch.

                        I use to hate working for someone else, now I work for everyone else!


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                          <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by caddy:
                          Hi Guys
                          Info please! I wanted to fit my Hardinge with a VFD and was told the VFD would not recognize a two speed motor. Does anyone know if this is correct?
                          Yes and no. If you have a VFD, you will have an infinitely variable speed motor, and have no need for the two speed feature.

                          Connect the VFD to the high speed leads, as the high speed motor has the higher power rating.

                          You could also connect the VFD to both high and low speed windings by using a drum switch to select the desired range. Change speeds with power off. You will lose some of the features of the VFD with this method, particularly motor protection features like overload protection that should be reset if long term operation in one speed is anticipated.

                          Jim H.


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                            JCHannum has it. You'll need to choose one or the other motor speed to wire the VFD to, and you can have it switchable as long as you switch it with the VFD turned off.

                            That's what I'm doing with the two-speed motor on my milling machine. The VFD is wired ahead of the machine's regular two-position motor switch, which I always leave turned on -- usually to the "low" motor speed. Then I just use the VFD. If on occasion I want the "high" motor speed, I unplug the VFD from the wall, turn the motor
                            switch to "high," then reconnect the VFD.

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                              Amazing. Every time I ask a question I get very helpful answers. You guys know some s...!!Thank You both.This will be a great leap as I have been running a very noisy rotary for a lot of years now and I want some peace and quiet! Now if I can just get up the nerve to tear into the magic box of wires......