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OT Video laser disc/dvd question

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  • OT Video laser disc/dvd question

    I have a friend who wants to know if there is a way to copy a movie off of an old Laser Vison disc and onto a DVD?More particularly,is there a company that can do it for him?
    Understand I have no clue what a Laser Vison disc is other than it might be one of those cd-rom looking thingys the size of a dinner plate
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    Yes, but it won't be commercial quality... you need to transfer it to a computer with an analog video capture card, and then encode it as MPEG-2, and then burn that (with the appropriate other files) to a DVD-R... the easiest way to do this is with a Mac with a SuperDrive, and a MiniDV camcorder that has an analog input jack - hook up the the laserdisc player to the analog input, hit record on the camcorder, play on the laserdisc, and come back in an hour to flip the disk & change tapes. Then transfer to the Mac in the usual manner (iMovie), and burn a DVD with iDVD.

    This won't work if the laserdisc is copy protected; in that case you will need a professional time-base corrector in-between the laserdisc player and the camcorder. Be aware that there are copyright issues, and you can only do this legally if you own the copyright on the laserdisc.


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      Hammerhead is correct, except I don't think you need to use a Mac. A PC with the proper hardware will do just as well.

      Here is a solution with a much easier learning curve, which will also probably get you much better results. Sell the laserdisc version of the movie and buy a DVD of it! Yes, I know there are some circumstances where this is not possible, but they are fairly rare. It seems that most stuff that was released on laser disc is now available on DVD. Make sure you can buy the DVD, then sell the laserdisc on eBay. While you're at eBay, look around, you may be able to buy the DVD there rather cheaply.

      Another solution, although not a legal one, is to rent the DVD and copy it. Yes, you can do this easily even if the disk is protected. You need a DVD drive and a DVD burner, and a little bit of freeware you can pick up on the Web. If you are interested in going this way, let me know, I will point you to a few sources of the software.