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whats happening to american machines!

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  • whats happening to american machines!

    just pulled my john deere ride on mower deck apart,got a real noisy bearing in cutter spindle.when i pulled the bearing it was stamped "made in russia",i can not believe
    john deere would do such a thing,the mower is only sixty hours old!guess i won't buying
    any more john deere equipment cc

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    I bought a GM crate engine. It's a small block chevy, an engine I have had good luck with since the first one I owned when I was 16 years old. The crankshaft broke at the harmonic balancer keyway with only 12,000 miles on the engine. Cast into the engine are the words: "HECHO EN MEXICO" (made in Mexico).


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      If you want to blame someone blame corporate capitalism and the government....Profits at any cost..
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        from what i am told about russian bearings, if you can find one round ball your doing well...........i still cant believe it! whats the world coming


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          .........Re: The Chebbie. I guess maybe close to 20 years ago I helped a friend put a new Mr Good Wrench 350 crate engine in his Suburban. When we opend the crate I was surprised to see cast atop the bellhousing "Hecho en Mexico". I figured, heck it's Chevy so it's gotta be to spec, especially since it had a 3 year warranty.

          Sometime afterwards I was reading a car mag and it admonished users to stay far way from the Mexican blocks. They said they were okay for mom's grocery getter but don't even THINK about increasing performance while using that block.

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            <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Ringer:
            If you want to blame someone blame corporate capitalism and the government....Profits at any cost..</font>
            yes ringer you right ,for a few cents they throw away there good name,how stupid is that??


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              Hey, we have a large number of crappy American companies over here, they are buying us up wholesale, slashing wages and conditions. Now "made in NZ" is coming to mean crappy quality also.
              Don't be surprised, you're only the consumer and eventually you will have to just bite the bullet and buy another piece of sh*t to replace that other piece of sh*t....and on.
              Great aye?? more profit for company "X".

              How else can they compete with the East??

              signed: cynical, pessimistic, sorry assed consumer


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                Maybe it would help if we taxed corporations some more. Maybe if we punitively stuck it to them, burned them at the stake and made more layers of federal and state regulations and hoops for them to jump thru that might help too. We should remove any reason they might have to carry on with their product and pay American workers to make them here in America. Lets run those taxes up till we are all setting at home on welfare.

                Follow the tax liability for a piece of steel from the ground to the dinner table and you'll find out your fork is worth as much as your dinner table.

                I think it's human nature to buy what is less expensive so in a sense it's our own fault. However, it should be the American governments job to create an invironment where American people/companys can succeed for the good of the people and not just the IRS tax office. If I heard it correctly, because the tax laws are so complicated the IRS has over 100 employees assigned to Cheverolet to keep their tax records straight. A flat tax would take care of that. Even for the "filthy" rich. Make it damn near anything you want and I'll learn to live with it and prosper. Beware the Ides of April as there are a lot of people here who still don't think we pay enough taxes and want bigger tax returns for people who don't even pay tax ! Oh Yea!
                (crap........someone got me started )

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                Thank you to our families of soldiers, many of whom have given so much more then the rest of us for the Freedom we enjoy.

                It is true, there is nothing free about freedom, don't be so quick to give it away.


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                  I understand that Chevy is buying engines from Honda and the engines in the new Equinox are made in China.

                  The right tooling, specs and material and you could build stuff on a glacier these days I guess.


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                    Ah, something I feel qualified to rant about...

                    I agree with Ringer but I would rephrase it to all corporate America cares about is short term profits at any cost. Nobody looks at long term consequences anymore, they only look as far as the next quarter. They have to make next quarters numbers look good or the stock price will go down. If the stock price goes down management might lose their bonus, and we can't have that. If they do well this quarter but sink the company long term that is okay, they can just switch to a new company next year - long before the company tanks.

                    Far too much of corporate thinking is for the short term, for the next quarter.


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                      And now it is time for my rant...

                      First, if you want to blame anyone for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States, look no further than your big corporations. Jobs aren't being lost because CEOs can't afford to pay workers union scale, rather, jobs are being eliminated so corporate big-wigs can line their pockets with more money. Even during the recent recession, corporate profits continued to rise as more and more jobs were lost. Take the following example, gasoline prices are now at an all-time high. Don't worry, while you are forced to dig deeper and deeper into your pockets and American men and women continue to die in foreign lands, Exxon, Shell, et. al just posted record quarterly profits. The high gas prices aren't a result of "lower production" as we are made to believe. Instead, we've managed to help Mr. CEO buy another 20 room mansion. The least they can do is name their new villas after us-- "Broken Spirit Acres" has a nice ring to it.

                      I've lived in America's rust belt all my life. The economic picture here is still dismal. We are still deep in recession. Every day the newspaper reports plant closings and more job losses. You can't convince me there is not a problem when ships enter our port to OFFload steel. My city used to be one of the largest steel exporters in the world-- no more.

                      We often here Americans won't buy American goods because they cost too much compared to their foreign counterparts. Bull****! Jump into my time machine and let's take a trip back a short time ago when much fewer foreign-made products sat on our shelves. (There was also a time when the only language packages were labeled in was English! Now you need an interpreter to just buy a toaster.) Were Americans refusing to buy American-made products? I don't think so. Were Americans saying, "Gosh, I wish this __________ cost 34 cents less. Then I would be able to afford it." I don't think so. Yet we still managed to live comfortably and purchase the products we needed and even some of the one we wanted. Okay, it's time to jump back into my time machine. No, you can't stay here. Otherwise you'll f-up the whole space-time continuum. Back to 2005...

                      Again, ask yourself, "Who is responsible for the economic situation we find ourselves in today?" Don't point your fingers at the workers. When was the last time you said to yourself, "You know, Joe Factory Worker is making way too much money. As a matter of fact, that greedy bastard is now taking a second job just so he can afford to pay his utilities. Who does he think he is?"

                      Okay, follow my lead. Point your fingers at greedy corporate fat cats who continue to rape American workers and strip them of their dignity, health benefits (a subject for another rant later), and honest wages. They are responsible for this mess and spoon feeding us all their "Boo-hoo, pitty the corporation" propoganda.

                      Sooner or later (I'm lean hard towards the latter), Americans will wake up and begin to question what is happening and whether saving two dollars on a coffee maker is worth sacrificing our long standing industrial tradition and our pride. Unless we make some serious changes, pretty soon China will replace the United States as the world's superpower.

                      Now doesn't that just make you feel better?



                      P.S. Here's something for all of you railroad junkies to think about. The next time you get a woody when a milelong double stack blows past you at 60 miles per hour, say to yourself, "There goes a mile long train filled with imported crap!" The double stack may signal the rebirth of railroading in the United States, but it also signals the end of domestic manufacturing. Ironic.


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                        Just reading through here looks like mostly Union workers. It is always easier to blame those at the top, surely the Unions have had no impact on any of our woes ....right????

                        &lt; looking for my Nomex &gt;


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                          johnhurd: I think you're right about the union thing. I'm a UAW-Ford autoworker, and while it seems a necessary protection (sometimes) against the idiot low level supervisors, I hate union politics on the local and especially National Level.

                          I realize I have a good paying job, but I also realize there would be a line around the block to work at half the pay. (Not me )

                          Your Old Dog: Good points.

                          QSIMDO: The new Saturn VUE Redline has a Honda v-6, and GM has sold essentially rebadged Toyotas for years. For the Diesel truck guys, I'm told the Duramax is an Isuzu engine.

                          Everyone: It seems everyone has valid points, but they are only a small part of the big picture.

                          If these companies are so greedy, making so much money, INVEST IN THEM. Why not? It's tougher to put your money where your mouth is. You start to learn about risk.

                          The Unions push the view that a bunch of evil rich guys are constantly plotting against us, lining their pockets, slash and burn...etc., etc.

                          Come on. There are some real issues, and there will be some turmoil as the whole world starts to 'equalize' as regards wages, but there is also a lot of opportunity. You can gripe about it, or think about it and act.



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                            Hahaha!You bought a Deere John Should have bought a Kubota,they are made here

                            Look,it's up to YOU the consumer to do your research on what YOU are buying.Companies get away with stuff like that because people are too nice to them when the crap they bought falls apart.Go back to JD and raise holy hell.Oh,I do have to ask,is it a real Deere or one of the Lowe's/Walmart brand name frauds?

                            American quality,it was too good,that's why you STILL see 1941 Southbends and 14" Buffalo drill presses.The things were so well made the companies went broke because they didn't wear out.

                            As for Chebby,grandpa worked for all the big three,he said Chevy was nothing but a cheap copy of a Ford

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                            I just need one more tool,just one!


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                              right the unions are not to blame. when they go on strike for 15 an hour to bag in food stores. or the bus drivers want $22 an hour to set on their but and drive a bus. and a tool maker gets $14 if he is not union.
                              now for the good one a major motor cycle company needed laser fixtures made the union said they had to be made in a union shop. they had 12 made and they were crap would not work. so they had 12 more made at another union shop crap again. now we are building them at a lower cost and ours work.
                              yes the unions were needed at one time but now i think they have gone too far.